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NBA 2K22 Christmas Tree Gift Locations

NBA 2K22 Christmas Tree Gift Locations

The NBA 2K22 ‘Hoopsmas’ promotion has officially arrived for MyCareer players, teasing a ‘Dunk the Halls’ event which is set to begin on Christmas day. 

The highly-anticipated ‘Hoopsmas’ event began on December 17 and will go until December 31, giving players free packs every day they log in. Some of these packs contain specific items that are immediately usable in-game, while others contain items you can redeem for bigger gifts later on. One of the most exciting parts of ‘Hoopsmas’ is receiving free gifts under the Christmas tree. 

NBA 2K22 Christmas Tree Gift Locations

The best way to get free Christmas tree gifts is by heading over to the Christmas tree in front of ‘The Rec,’ which can be found by going to the NBA 2K22 main lobby. Once you’re in front of the Christmas tree, it will ask you to hit circle (or B for Xbox) to “Receive Your Holiday Gift From 2K.” 

Once you’ve hit circle (or B), you will see a message that says, “5 Christmas Items! Check Your Closet.” By pressing “X to Continue,” you will then get those five Christmas gifts for free, all of which are exclusive items that are not redeemable. Most of the ‘swag’ that players receive includes things like Christmas-themed t-shirts, pants, sunglasses, backpacks, and hats/helmets. 

Over the 14 days of ‘Hoopsmas, ’ players are guaranteed to receive 14 packs that will contain a variety of different presents as well as candy canes. Similar to the ‘Thanksgiving Event,’ you’re guaranteed to get a bunch of different rewards, but the specific one that you receive is based on luck more than anything else. 

So, with so much up for grabs during this holiday season, there’s no better time than now to hop onto NBA 2K22 and take advantage of some of these exclusive rewards! 

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