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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Decoration Farming Guide

Decorations are what make you powerful in Monster Hunter World. With good decorations, you can put together an effective end game build. A common question that comes up is how to farm decorations quickly and efficiently.

In Monster Hunter World, there are three tiers of decorations: small, medium, and large. Small had things like Vitality, Attack Boost, and Critical Eye. Medium would have important decorations like weakness exploit, critical boost, and max might. Large decorations had valuable ones as well like free element/ammo up and handicraft.

In Iceborne, those original decorations are still very valuable as there are still slots for the old decorations. You will still want to have the old decorations maxed out as well.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Decoration Farming Guide

There are three ways to unlock decorations in Iceborne, and we’ll break those out here in this guide.


Playing through regular investigations for materials will grant you decorations, as it seems Iceborne is a bit more generous in this respect. There is no official drop rate percentage for decorations, but more often than not you are granted a decoration at the end of an investigation.

Event quests also tend to grant decorations upon completion, although this investigations and event quest method is definitely not the most optimal way to farm decorations.

Elder Melder

You can now roll for Warped Streamstoned at the Elder Melder. If you have enough high commendations and research points, you can run through all your Streamstones rolling Warped Feystones.

The Elder Melder also has Soul Stream I and Soul Stream II which award the new Streamstones. Be warned, these are crazy expensive and will eat up a ton of your resources. These give you ancient feystones and carved Feystones, which are the new level 4 decorations. Soul Stream II is probably the best to focus on.

Master Rank Tempered Monsters

The final and best way to unlock these new decorations is to play the new master rank tempered monsters. Just like before, there are tempered quests available at master rank. You can get up to four or five rewards, all you need to do is keep your eyes on your resource center for one that is good that grants lots of rewards.

Grind through these with your strongest set and be rewarded. High rank quests give more streamstones which you can turn in at the Elder Melder. Master rank quests tend to grant ancient feystones and carved feystones, and some of them turn into small decorations. You can also receive old high rank decorations from these master rank quests.

The Guiding Lands can also give decorations, but it’s not as efficient as doing Tempered Investigations. If you want a lot of feystones we would recommend focusing on the tempered investigations.

That’s a general overview of how to farm decorations in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. One thing you should be doing is looking into your charms, which can make up for a lack of decorations. Focus on Vitality, Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Critical Boost, Handicraft, Free Element/Ammo Up charms, with the first three being the most important. As always, figure out what you are trying to build and focus on the materials you need for that specific build.

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