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How to Solo Alatreon in Monster Hunter World

How to Solo Alatreon in Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter via Capcom

Trying to figure out how to solo Alatreon in Monster Hunter World? Monster Hunter World’s Title Update 4 makes its way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Players are busy fighting the mighty black elder dragon Alatreon, a previous final boss from Monster Hunter 3. Alatreon can shift his element at will between frost, fire, and dragon. A supernova skill called Escaton Judgement has been the downfall of many players, as it’s capable of one-shotting even the beefiest characters.

How to Solo Alatreon in Monster Hunter World

Alatreon has three active states, which are Fire, Ice, and Dragon. Each state has its weaknesses, and you will need to make sure you exploit them to the fullest with Elemental Damage. Alatreon’s weaknesses are as follows:

  • Ice Active: Fire+++, Water+, Thunder++, Ice, Dragon+
  • Fire Active: Fire, Water++, Thunder+, Ice+++, Dragon+
  • Dragon Active: Fire+, Water+, Thunder+, Ice+, Dragon++

Weak points include the horns, tail, and front claws, and you’ll do a lot of extra damage if your element counters his current weakness. Defeating Alatreon will depend on the amount of element damage you can put out, as the fight is mostly an elemental DPS check.

The toughest part of the fight is the Alatreon supernova skill, Escaton Judgment. If you deal enough damage to Alatreon, his supernova becomes much weaker. The Handler says that the nova will kill you at max health, but weakening buys you time to use items and heal. There’s also an audio cue from The Handler when you have done enough damage. You will need to use one Astera Jerky / Max Potion even with a weakened aura. 

Some general tips for solo Alatreon in Monster Hunter World are to focus on the horns with elemental damage. Elemental damage from your Palico can knock him down. For groups, chances are you will want to make or find Alatreon specific lobbies and boot anyone without Elemental Damage.


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