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How to Find Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18

How to Find Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.18 introduces new cave and mountain biomes, including Lush Caves and Jagged Peaks. The latter biome is quite obvious, but Lush Caves can be a bit harder to find since they are underground. To help you with your journey through the new update, we’ve put together this guide on how to find Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18.

Note that there are many things you can look for when trying to find Lush Caves in Minecraft. There’s also always a possibility that you’re on a world seed where they are far and few between, so you can check out our Minecraft 1.18 seeds for some example worlds that guarantee Lush Caves.

How to find Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18

Lush Caves are found underneath Azalea Trees or Flowering Azalea Leaves.

The first thing you can do is find an azalea tree in a forested biome. The azalea tree is a lighter shade of green and has pink flowering azalea leaves on it. Azalea trees can look very similar to oak trees but note the slightly lighter green color. Under the Azalea tree, you will find what looks to be a dirt block but is actually a rooted dirt block. The rooted dirt blocks will eventually lead you down to a lush cave if you follow them underground.

Minecraft 1.18 Azalea Tree

If you don’t want to risk plummeting to your death, you may want to dig two blocks wide to be safe. Lush caves can generate at any height (Y) underground, so you will never know how close you are to the cave while digging.

Other things you can look for include flowering azalea saplings and lush green moss blocks. It may be a good idea to get some height to look for these objects, and even use a spyglass if you want to get adventurous. 

Another bonus tip you can use to locate lush caves is to look for some light sources. The light sources are visible when inside of a cave or looking down into a ravine. Light sources could be anything from glow lichen to lava, but the source of light could also be glow berries. The glow berries are native to lush caves, so if you find one, you know you’re on the right track.

Lush caves also tend to show up alongside mountains, especially if you find holes or caves with light coming out of them. Take note of all these tips, and you should have no problem finding Lush Caves in Minecraft 1.18 and beyond.

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