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How to Speed Boost in Metroid Dread

How to Speed Boost in Metroid Dread

Ever since its introduction in Super Metroid, the Speed Booster has been a fan favorite powerup. Not only is dashing through stuff at high speed fun and practical, it’s also been a long time favorite tool for speedrunners and sequence breaking enthusiasts. The Speed Booster has made a return in Metroid Dread, and if you know how to use it properly, it can take you to (and through) all kinds of interesting new places. Here’s how to Speed Boost in Metroid Dread.

The Speed Booster upgrade is obtained by defeating the yellow EMMI unit that’s patrolling Dairon. The EMMI is quite the speed demon itself, so when Samus absorbs its data, she regains the ability to dash like a bat outta Norfair. WIth the Speed Booster, you can now clear through Speed Booster blocks, designated by an orange arrow symbol, as well as perform Shinesparks, which is literally the coolest name anything has ever had ever.

How to Speed Boost in Metroid Dread

To Speed Boost in Metroid Dread:

  1. Press the left stick button to start running on a long, flat path.
  2. The boost will continue as long as you don’t stop, even carrying through slides and wall jumps.
  3. While dashing, move the stick down to store power. Hold B and choose a direction to launch into a Shinespark.

To start a Speed Boost, Samus will need a long, flat stretch of path to pick up speed. Press in on the left stick to fire the thrusters on Samus’ back and start running. If you can maintain your momentum for a few moments, the Speed Boost will activate, and you’ll start dashing forward at high speed, plowing through whatever’s in your way. The Speed Boost will remain active as long as you don’t stop moving; you can even slide and wall jump while maintaining your momentum, and this is even required for some Booster block puzzles.

Now for the fun part: Shinesparking. When your Speed Boost is active, push down on the left stick to make Samus stop and crouch. She’ll begin glowing purple, and can move around normally for a few seconds. When you’re where you want to launch from, stand still, hold the B button, and tilt the stick in the direction you want to go. Samus will launch in the direction you indicated, and won’t stop until she hits a solid surface. You can Shinespark in all eight directions, even directly up.

Shinesparks can also be performed in Morph Ball form, a move colloquially known as a “Ballspark.” It’s the same idea: get a Speed Boost going, crouch to store the charge, then shift into Morph Ball form, hold B, and launch. This is required to destroy Boost blocks in cramped spaces.

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