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Can You Softlock in Metroid Dread?

With just about any game, there are the usual fears of freezes and progression blockers, coding problems accidentally left in the game after release. However, there’s a particular subset of progression blocker that’s known to afflict adventure games, and Metroidvania-type stuff in particular: the softlock. As I’m sure at least some of you are worriedly wondering, can you softlock in Metroid Dread?

The thing about these kinds of games is that they are deceptively huge and intricately designed. All parts of the map need to work in a very particular order, alongside the player’s progression of upgrades, in order to facilitate progress. In the event that a player finds their way into a part of the map that they aren’t supposed to be in yet, it is possible that they could become stuck there, as they may be missing abilities that they’re supposed to have by this point in the game. This is what’s known as a softlock, and if you accidentally save your game in the middle of one, you can kiss your save file goodbye. 

Can You Softlock in Metroid Dread?

So, do you need to worry about such a terrible affliction in Metroid Dread? For the most part, the answer appears to be no. The majority of reports of people getting stuck have all been remedied with a little directional advice. 

There has, however, been one report of a potentially genuine softlock from a Twitter user named @XCadril. According to this user, following the cutscene in Ferenia where Quiet Robe opens the upward path in Burenia, they were killed by the Chozo Robot boss. Instead of retrying the fight, they proceeded onward to Burenia and spoke to ADAM in the Network Room. The path had been closed again, but it remained closed even after they went and defeated the Chozo Robot, preventing progression. Assuming this report is the real deal, you should endeavor to defeat the Chozo Robot in Ferenia immediately after encountering it, and before leaving for any other part of the map.

Aside from this potential hiccup, you should be able to make your way from the beginning of the game to the end without worrying about any save-compromising incidents.

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