Medieval Dynasty How to Get Straw

How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty

Learn how to get Straw in Medieval Dynasty, one of the early required materials you'll need to be able to make a roof over your head.
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Recently out of Early Access, Medieval Dynasty is a cross-genre game where you must build a village from the ground up. You’ll need a lot of different crafting materials to construct various buildings in your town. One of the primary ingredients you must gather early on is straw. However, it’s not immediately obvious where to find it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get straw in Medieval Dynasty.

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Once you’ve picked up sticks and stones and chopped up trees into logs, you’ll have almost everything you need to avoid sleeping beneath the stars. All except for straw, of course, and you’ll need it if you want a roof over your head. For this reason, many new players wonder how to get straw in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty: Straw Locations and how to collect it

To get Straw in Medieval Dynasty, you will need to search along the coasts of rivers until you find Reed. Each time you harvest Reed, you’ll obtain anywhere between one to two pieces of straw. Reed is a plant you can only find alongside rivers, and it’s fairly plentiful. Look down at the ground as you’re running alongside the rivers, and you should have no problem finding some.

Medieval Dynasty Straw Locations and how to collect it

As you can see, it’s a bit confusing to find straw because there is no specific plant or material to harvest with that exact name. Now that you know it comes from Reed, though, you can start harvesting it and be well on your way to crafting some roofs for your buildings. Foraging Reed is not the only way to acquire straw, through!

Aside from harvesting straw from Reed, straw is also a byproduct of threshing Flax, Oat, Rye, and Wheat. Farmers making these items will also produce straw.

Straw is a crafting requirement for the following:

  • Animel Feed
  • Daub
  • Flat Straw Hat
  • Simple Torch
  • Straw Hat
  • Thatch Roofs
  • Archery Targets