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Marvel Strike Force Exploits / Cheat Codes

Gain an Advantage with these Exploits!
Image via FoxNext/Scopely

If you are looking for some hacks to gain an advantage with a game, look no further than Marvel Strike Force. The hack allows you as a player to get any software, tool, or method to help you get an advantage in the PvE and PvP arena. Marvel Strike force is an action-packed mobile game for you and other players to enjoy

The hacks get you free power cores and gold much more quickly and use legendary characters more easily. It is worth noting that you have to use mods to hack the game, and you have to download an APA or IPA for modding. The modded IPA apps have to be updated quite often, and there quite a bit of exploits in this game

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It is worth noting that there are no cheat codes in Marvel Strike Force. Mobile games tend not to have cheat codes for players to use, and there isn’t a way to input cheat codes into the game. Downloading hacks can be very risky because you could be downloading viruses or malware. Another risk is getting your account banned, which will prevent you from continuing to play the game.

If you are going to download the hacks, please be careful about where you download them from and understand the risks you are taking.

Let’s take a look at some of the exploits from Marvel Strike Force for players to use in the game:

Secret Password Codes

  • 1VofhURJFh – premium orbs
  • JXZfRBzDqW – epic gear
  • QMjFUetN3d– power cores
  • h3i6nsMCAy – unlimited energy
  • 7OJBI2VtRD – character shards
  • CskhLXMsco – gold

To enter the orb chamber, select the premium orb. To open the sphere you recovered, use the power cores. Daily objectives keep track of your goals for you, and to progress on your daily objectives, complete the missions.

Each character has their own origin traits and unique abilities. Traits can consist of skill, mystic, and tech.

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