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Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) – How To Get Awakening Gems

Awaken, My Champion!
Marvel Contest of Champions
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Awakening gems in Marvel Contest of Champions are a rare item. They’re used to unlock a character’s Signature Ability, making them more powerful than before. Because of this, players will want to think carefully on which Champion they want to use their awakening gem on. But, before you worry about that, you need to know how to acquire them.

How to Get Awakening Gems in Marvel Contest of Champions

Gems come in different types and the means to unlock them vary just as much. Some can be acquired for specific quests or challenges, others through events.

  • Through Stores

The simplest way is to buy your gems. These can be anything from generic gems to specific awakenings. Event stores offer an opportunity at various gems.

  • Playing Through the Acts

Act 4 is when you can start earning awakening gems. Make sure to explore it to completion. As you advance through future acts, you’ll get more gems as a reward.

  • Through Event/Side Quests and Challenges

Quests offer gems consistently for hitting milestones or completing them. Road to the Labyrinth is a favorite among players and is a permanent event. Some of these come and go so keep an eye out for them and make sure you’re able to complete the quests as some require specific Champions to do well in. The Webslinger Challenge can be rough early on because you don’t have the best Champions for it, for example.

  • Variants

Variants are back issue content that give you a handful of quests you need to do to complete them. They offer great rewards, gems chief among them.

  • Ability Crystals

There’s a chance for gems to drop when you roll ability crystals. It’s inconsistent though and varies all the way up to being a super rare drop.

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