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Making Moonshine in Red Dead Online

Did you know you can become a Moonshiner in Red Dead Online thanks to the latest Frontier Pursuits? Each Frontier Pursuit is a unique path filled with different activities for players to complete.

You can make some Moonshine and start making some profit by slinging your unique mix of booze. It’s no easy task, but we hope with these tips you can be well on your way to making some of the best Moonshine on the frontier.

Making Moonshine in Red Dead Online

To get started, you need to be at least level 5 rank or higher to get some sales. This should be easy if you are an experienced Red Dead Online players. Next, you need to get some supplies and figure out a location to brew your moonshine. You need to stock up 25 gold bars, which you can make with one of your other roles.

After you build your shack you’ll need to track down Maggie, an experienced woman in the business. Complete her missions and you will gain access to recipes and goods required to build up your own brewing business.

To start, you’ll make around $100 per shipment, depending on what kind of flavor you choose. You can always improve upon your moonshine, and it will all depend on which supplies you choose to incorporate.

Head back over to the Moonshiner Store and look for some upgrades. Condense Upgrade is something you’ll want to pick up for about $825 and two tokens, which will let you create Average Moonshine. This is one step above the Weak Moonshine you’ve been making.

The higher the quality moonshine, the more money you’ll make per shipment. You will need to hit Moonshiner Rank 5 before you can upgrade to the next quality.

The next upgrade you want it Polished Copper Upgrade, which goes for $875 and two tokens. This is one of the best upgrades you can get, as it allows you to brew some Strong Moonshine. You can create additional flavors with this and make the most money possible from this profession. You will need to hit Moonshiner Rank 10 before this unlocks.

Moonshine Recipes

Apple Berry CrumbAppleBlackberryVanilla Flower
Agarita SunriseCanned StrawberriesEvergreen HuckleberryAgarita
Berry CobblerCanned PeachesRed RaspberryPeach
Berry MintCanned StrawberriesBlackberryMint
EvergreenEvergreen HuckleberryWintergreen BerryGinseng
Spice IslandCanned ApricotsGolden CurrantCaribbean Rum
Tropical PunchCanned PineapplesPearVanilla Flower
Wild CiderAppleGinsengCurrant
Wild CreekWild MintVanilla FlowerCreek Plum
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