Madden 24: How to Play 2v2 Online?

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Everyone knows the best way to enjoy a sports game is with friends. And nowhere is that more true than in the Madden series. In Madden 24, players can compete with others from around the world with ease, thanks to MUT and other game modes. But what about playing with specific friends? There might come a time when you want to have a simple one-game match after a long day. However, players have been experiencing difficulties with starting a game with multiple friends on both teams. We’re going to draw up a play and take a look at Madden 24: how to Play 2v2 online.

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How to Play with Friends in Madden 24?

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Sadly, it seems that it’s not possible to play 2v2 online with friends in Madden 24. That doesn’t mean you can’t play 2v2 online with randoms, however. You’ll want to head to the Quick Play menu and select Superstar KO. After this, swap the mode to exhibition and choose the Superbowl run. You can then queue into the game with other players online and play through the match. This, unfortunately, does not solve your issue if you’re looking to play with friends.

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Previously, in order to play 2v2 online in Madden 24, players will want to make their way to the Quick Play menu. From there, select Superstar KO, and you’ll be shown a few settings that you’ll need to tweak before inviting people. Swap the opponent to H2H, make the mode NFL, and change the size to 2v2. After all that, you could invite 3 of your friends and be able to play a game.

According to players, however, it seems that EA has removed the ability to invite friends and play 2v2 online in this manner. Some have cited the removal that EA wants players to play with friends exclusively through the MUT mode. Only time will tell if they plan to let people normally play a game against friends.

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