Madden 22 New Franchise Mode Explained

Madden 22 New Franchise Mode Explained

EA officially released a brand-new trailer for Madden 22 yesterday, in which they provided plenty of details on some of the upcoming improvements that have been made to the game’s popular Franchise Mode. This is already a massive step for EA, as the game’s Franchise Mode has been under scrutiny for years now. So, with more information now out on the popular game mode, now is the time to break down what we’ve learned so far. Here’s a breakdown of the new Madden 22 Franchise Mode explained.

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Madden 22 New Franchise Mode Explained

The trailer provided by EA gave us a glimpse of some of the improvements in Madden 22’s Franchise Mode, and these are a few of the changes that have us the most excited. 

New Franchise Staff/Staff Points

New Franchise Staff and Staff Points will allow you to build, grow, and even customize your coaching staff with an RPG-style talent tree system. There will be more than 60 different talents in the coaching pool to choose from at the start of the game, each with varying playstyles and game plans. 

Your staff will consist of a head coach, one offensive coordinator, and one defensive coordinator, as well as a player personnel department. Each week you will be given the ability to earn “Staff Points” by completing certain goals set aside for that week. By playing games and completing the individual objectives, you can quickly upgrade your staff throughout the season and build your team into Super Bowl contenders.  

New Scouting System

Set to arrive in a September live service update, the new scouting system will allow you to manage and assign national and regional scouts. This system also includes a more in-depth method of recruiting talent from across the country, as more details will be given about your prospects throughout the season. As the potential draftees move up and down the draft boards throughout the NFL regular season, you will have more of a real-life feel to their progress on the field. 

Weekly Strategy and Dynamic Gameday Integration

Weekly strategy is debatably the most vital aspect of success on the field in Madden 22, with new challenges for coaches, players, teams, and fans every week. Thanks to next-gen stats, and the introduction to Dynamic Gameday, you can now study your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses in vivid detail with essential stats and knowledge of the opponent’s play-calling tendencies. 

You will also be granted access to make in-game adjustments at halftime and manage your team’s overall fatigue levels in practice by lowering the intensity/reps in between game days.

New Season Engine

Madden has also upped their Franchise mode dramatically with a brand-new season engine designed to replicate an NFL season’s true ups and downs. 

The new season engine will launch over 35 different scenarios (with more to come from live service updates) and more cutscenes and narrative-based content to create a more realistic and genuine feel to the game. 

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