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The best Playbooks in Madden 22

The best Playbooks in Madden 22

With the epic release of Madden 22 on the horizon, fans are already clamoring for more information on the highly-anticipated sports title. Though if you truly want to dominate on the field this season, then you’re going to need to know which playbooks are the best for your game on both ends of the field. Let’s take a look at the best playbooks in Madden 22, including defensive and offensive playbooks.

The best Playbooks in Madden 22

Best Offensive Playbooks

New England Patriots (best for a balanced offense)

If you want a balanced attack on offense, then the only choice is the Patriots offensive playbook. The offense is perfect for the mid-range passing game and features unique formations that can also allow for a dynamic run game. If you have some reasonable talent at the skill positions and want a safe style of play, then the New England offensive playbook is the ideal solution. 

Kansas City Chiefs (best for pass-heavy offense)

The Chiefs playbook is designed to get the ball into the hands of its playmakers spread out across the field, with a specific emphasis on the deep ball. Since not every QB in Madden (or real life) will carry the same traits as Patrick Mahomes, this type of offense is probably only going to work with similar styles of quarterbacks. Though, if you’re lucky enough to have a rocket-armed QB at the helm, then look no further than the Chiefs Madden 22 playbook. 

Las Vegas Raiders (best for run-heavy offense)

Even though there are numerous creative playstyles throughout Madden 22, the best playbook for run-heavy teams is without a doubt the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders carry a traditional rushing style of play that can mold to any roster, and is guaranteed to allow for efficient rushing totals. It comes with loads of varied run formations, as well as new ‘Split Twins’ formations under the ‘Gun’ section that can help you catch your opponent off-guard. The Raiders may not be strong statistically, but they do have one of the best offensive playbooks in Madden 22. 

Baltimore Ravens (best for mobile QB)

With Lamar Jackson running circles around NFL defenses, one shouldn’t be too surprised to find the Ravens playbook amongst the top in Madden 22. Specifically, this playbook is the most effective when your team’s centered around mobile quarterbacks and the running game. It’s full of tricky RPO plays out of both the pistol and shotgun formations, allowing for a diverse yet effective style of play on offense. 

Best Defensive Playbooks

Pittsburgh Steelers (best for balanced/hybrid defense)

Versatility is paramount when it comes to defense in Madden, which is why you really can’t go wrong with the Steelers playbook. Inside you’ll find a ton of different sets, including some effective 3-4, 4-3, nickel, and dime formations. Plus, they also added in some new formations like the dangerous Nickel 1-5-5 DBL A Gap. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (best for 3-4 defense)

The best defensive playbook in Madden 22 is undoubtedly the Bucs’. The team uses a unique 3-4 style defense that takes advantage of their strong linebacker play, which is ideal considering the importance Madden typically places on speed. The linebacker position is also one of the easiest to develop in the game and can become the most widely utilized on the field. And Tampa Bay easily carries some of the deadliest blitz and cover formations in Madden 22. 

Minnesota Vikings (best for 4-3 defense)

The Vikings intricate playbook features a 4-3 defensive formation with a healthy mix of nickel, prevent, and goal-line arrangement. If you don’t want to rely on your linebackers as much, and would rather put more emphasis on your defensive front, then the Vikings versatile playbook is the perfect choice for you. 

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