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All Combat Stats in Lost Ark and What They Mean

Lost Ark
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As fans know, Lost Ark is a 2.5D MMORPG set in the vast, fantasy world of Arkesia. Players can choose from a diverse roster of classes in their desperate search for the mythical Ark. It’s dangerous out there. If you’re setting off on your own legendary adventure, it’ll be helpful to read up on the various combat stats and what each of them means beforehand. A prepared traveler will be able to face anything thrown their way.

Here is a breakdown of each of the six combat stats in Lost Ark and what they mean.

List of Combat Stats in Lost Ark — and What They Mean

Stats are incredibly important in Lost Ark. In essence, they are traits that indicate your character’s aptitude in various ways, including resistance, attack speed, and healing. If you don’t understand how to use these stats to your advantage, it can seriously hinder your character build and make your Lost Ark experience unenjoyable.

There are two types of stats — Basic Stats and Combat Stats. Basic Stats include Attack Power and Max HP. Combat Stats are made up of Crit, Specialization, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, and Expertise. According to Reddit user u/civocivocivo on the Lost Ark subreddit, the most important stats to focus on are Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness.


Crit in Lost Ark refers to the probability that you’ll land a critical hit. It does not refer to the damage output, but rather, it exclusively determines whether or not the attack will be critical.


Specialization in Lost Ark depends largely on your chosen class. It affects each character differently and indicates a boost in the special skills associated with your chosen class.


Domination in Lost Ark refers to additional damage inflicted upon staggered, pushed, or debuffed enemies. This stat has been rendered “effectively useless,” and should not be prioritized.


Swiftness in Lost Ark refers to a raise in physical combat performance. It reflects Attack and Movement Speed, and decreases Skill Cooldown.


Endurance in Lost Ark refers to the character’s overall health and defense. It covers Defense, Resistance, Effectiveness of Protective Effects and Healing (or Shield). This stat has also reportedly been rendered “effectively useless,” and should not be prioritized.


Expertise in Lost Ark refers to how debuffs affect not only your enemies, but also how debuffs affect your character. In addition, the duration of debuffs against enemies is increased, and the duration of debuffs against yourself is lowered. It also handles the damage output of stagger effects. This stat also should not be prioritized.

We hope this breakdown helps in your journey through Arkesia. Stay with Gamer Journalist for more Lost Ark guides and more as it’s made available.

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