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Live A Live Trial of Wisdom Answers

With wisdom comes clarity.
Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

In just about any JRPG, a good hero doesn’t only have to be good at killing stuff. They also need to have a good, sensible head on their shoulders to see through lies and puzzles. That’s the kind of clarity you need to clear the Trial of Wisdom in Live A Live’s final chapter. Here are the answers to the Trial of Wisdom in Live A Live.

Live A Live Trial of Wisdom Answers

The Trial of Wisdom is Cube’s personal Trial in Live A Live’s final chapter, the Dominion of Hate. You can find it by entering either of the two buildings in the Condemned Village. Cube will need to either be your leader or in your party to enter, as the Trial demands the presence of a wise individual.

In lieu of combat encounters, the Trial of Wisdom features three environmental puzzles. If you can solve all three, you’ll receive Cube’s best weapon.

Puzzle 1

This one’s pretty simple: every time you pass through one of the glowing gates that separate the puzzle’s rooms, your movement controls will be scrambled somehow. Just nudge yourself around until you get your bearings after each change, and you’ll adjust fine. Make your way to the very back of the area with the red-and-black checkered floor, and check the curtained rooms until you find the one that leads you forward.

Puzzle 2

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

This one’s a little more abstract. When you talk to the Cube Doppelganger in the chair, the floor will change into separated panels, and you’ll need to follow a particular path to get to the exit. Your hint is a mirror showing Cube’s reflection, though its meaning changes for each of this puzzle’s three rooms.

For the first room, just walk in the direction Cube’s reflection is facing. The correct sequence is right, right, up, up, up, left, left, up, up.

For the second room, there are two mirrors, one of which will direct you incorrectly. The correct sequence is right, up, up, left, up, up.

For the third and final room, there are three mirrors. The trick here is to go in the direction that none of the reflections are facing. The correct sequence is right, right, up, left, up, up, right, right, right, up, up.

Puzzle 3

The last puzzle is another simple one if you don’t mind a little wordplay. The room features four iron orbs, and touching one will teleport you somewhere else. You need to teleport in a correct sequence to get to the end.

The Cube Doppelganger will tell you that the room flows according to time’s whims, which means that you need to touch the orbs in a clockwise fashion. Start from the top-right orb, then go to the bottom-right orb, the bottom-left orb, and the top-right orb.

After this last puzzle, step through the gate to claim Cube’s best weapon, the 17nm Diode. Incidentally, if you re-enter the Trial of Wisdom after completing it, you’ll find one of the chapter’s secret bosses, Euraokos, in the room with the red-and-black checkered floor. Defeat it, and you’ll earn the powerful Cosmic Helm for your trouble.

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