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Legion TD 2 Weekly Challenge Solution for November 21, 2021

It’s time for a new weekly challenge in Legion TD 2. For newcomers, Weekly Challenges put players in a previously played scenario. Your task is then to figure out what to do with the given units and develop a strategy that does as good or better as the original play. Here’s a look at the Legion TD 2 Weekly Challenge solution for November 21, 2021. 

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The Legion TD 2 Weekly Challenge is taken from a game played on November 15, 2021. We get put in Wave 9 (Carapaces) with the following units:

  • Gargoyle x3
  • Green Devil x2
  • Golden Buckler x2
  • Oathbreaker
  • Chained Fist
  • Royal Guard
  • Nightmare
  • APS

The opposing team also sends three Brutes our way for a total of 180 Mythium. 

Overall, this week’s challenge is not too difficult, and there are many possible solutions, as always. We’ll be taking a look at and analyzing Gajuner’s strategy and figuring out what we can do to improve it.

Legion TD 2 Weekly Challenge Solution (November 21, 2021)

The main idea for this week’s challenge is maximizing the APS value and prioritizing Brutes. Nightmare, Royal Guard, and Green Devils will be dealing most of the damage here. It’s also important that the Oathbreaker gets just the right amount of aggro to activate Unchained Rage (attacks 260% faster at 50% and attacks random targets).

We’re also throwing two Gargoyles, two Golden Bucklers, and a Chained Fist on the right wall for the split. However, you could minimize the right side a bit more if you are going for a high score with unspent gold. Remember to prioritize sniping the Brutes to get them out of the way first, as they’ll be doing a bulk of the damage.

Here’s what Gajuner’s setup looks like:

If you’re going for a high score, it’s pretty RNG-based like usual. That said, you’ll be grinding it out for a while hoping for the perfect mix of aggro, split, and unit sniping. I managed to trim down on the right side and get a 160 score, but the highest at the time of writing is 240.

Stay tuned next week for another Legion TD 2 Weekly Challenge for November 28, 2021.

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