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Where to find Topple Cotton in Legend of Mana

Where to find Topple Cotton in Legend of Mana
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Older JRPGs, such as the recently-remastered Legend of Mana, were rife with all kinds of odds and ends to collect. Sometimes you need them for crafting and enhancing certain items, while other times, you need them to fulfill a particular questline. If you find yourself in need of it, then here’s where to find Topple Cotton in Legend of Mana.

Topple Cotton is a fairly common resource necessary for a few armor enhancements. Perhaps more importantly than that, though, is the plight of Miss Yuka and her pet Needlebeak Pee-Wee. In the Pee-Wee Birdie questline, Miss Yuka requests a handful of materials that will aid in Pee-Wee’s development; the poor thing is too fragile to live, and if nothing is done, he won’t hatch from his egg properly. She requests the following items:

  • Menos Bronze
  • Baobab Wood
  • Animal Hide
  • Topple Cotton
  • Flat Seed
  • Citrisquid
  • Rotten Meat
  • Sulpher

Most of these items you’ll pick up naturally in your travels, but the Topple Cotton is a little more elusive.

Where to find Topple Cotton in Legend of Mana

You can purchase Topple Cotton in Legend of Mana from level 1 shops if your artifacts have been placed in such a way as to facilitate the existence of one. In actuality, though, you don’t have to do that; there’s a young man selling odds and ends he’s picked up on the second floor of Domina’s Inn, the very inn that Miss Yuka herself runs! Just fork over 60 Lucre, and that Topple Cotton is all yours. You can also grab some Menos Bronze from this guy for 300 Lucre if you don’t already have some.

When you’ve got everything, turn it all in to Miss Yuka to complete the quest and ensure the safe maturation of young Pee-Wee.

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