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Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build (0.8.4)

Consume the world with your totems
Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build (0.8.4)
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master build will be focusing on the Shaman mastery bonus of negative mana cost. The build revolves heavily around having lots of movement speed and summoning many totems to do your bidding. To keep your life full, you will be leeching a good portion of damage from Avalanche as it trails behind you, clearing up any leftover enemies.

Main interactions in the Shaman Totem Master build include sacrificing Thorn Totems so that Upheaval Totems do more damage. You will also want to set up skills so that mana does not become an issue, and you can always keep summoning.

Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build

To play this build, you may want to place Avalanche on auto-cast. You can also cast it once every ten seconds manually if you prefer, though. Run around with Avalanche trailing behind while you summon Storm Totems for a high area of effect damage. Use the combo Summon Thorn Totem and sacrifice them by Summon Upheaval Totem and watch the damage pour out.



  • Health and Vitality
  • Capped Resistances
  • Critical Strike Avoidance and Endurance
  • Leech (Bleeding Heart, Overkill Leech, Blessing Spell Damage Leech)


  • Flat Physical and Cold Damage (for Upheaval)
  • Adaptive Spell Damage with a 2H Staff (for Avalanche)
  • Minion Damage, Minion Physical Damage, and Minion Spell Damage
  • Increased Physical, Melee, Cold Damage
  • ATT

How to Level

While there is no guide for the new skill yet, you can refer to the Last Epoch Shaman leveling guide. The build is somewhat rocky between 15-25 but scales very well after that, thanks to Upheaval Totems and flat Cold Damage.


The build can use the following unique items, but it is not limited to them exclusively:

  • Bleeding Heart
  • Thorn Slinger

If you are having mana issues, consider putting mana regeneration on your accessories (belt, rings, relic, amulet).








Summon Thorn Totem

Summon Storm Totem



Here is a link to the lootfilter for this build, and here are the settings:

  • Uniques/Set/Exalted items all show
  • Warning: Unused base types and non-Acolyte Class Items hidden
  • Teal/Blue – 1+ Tier5+ Class-specific Affix for any class (unchecked by default)
  • Light Blue – Early game items (uncheck at Lv. 25)
  • Green – Mid game items (uncheck at Lv. 40)
  • Yellow – Endgame items (uncheck at level 60)
  • Orange – Mid endgame items (3+ Affixed with 8+ total Tiers)
  • Red – Late endgame items (3+ Affixes with 12+ total Tiers)
  • Light Green – Idols

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