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Last Epoch Sentinel build: Speed Running Void Cleave

Last Epoch Sentinel build: Speed Running Void Cleave
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Speed Running Void Cleave build is played as a Void Knight! Stacking tons of Flat melee void damage and using the unique Darkstride to get lots of movement speed, you lunge around resetting your void cleave skill and then go to town on all the mobs. With tons of leech and great defense, this is both a very powerful offensive and defensive build. Find all of the stats, passives skills, and items for the Last Epoch Sentinel Speed Running Void Cleave build.

The main interaction for this build is very high cooldown reductions from stacking it on the helm, in your passives, and inside the anomaly skill tree. Low cooldowns allow us to use void cleave quite often. We get to use it even more often since the Darkstride boots allow us to have a second charge held, and lunge resets the cooldowns when you get a kill lunging, which happens quite often.

The build uses Devouring Orb and Anomaly on auto-cast. You can also place lunge on auto-cast, but this can get you in trouble by both running into a boss you didn’t want or running out of mana faster since it can reset your void cleave skill. Only cast Sigils of Hope when you have lots of mana, otherwise let it have its 6% chance to proc on kill. Lastly, use Void Cleave when you have charge and mana and want to kill everything around you.

Last Epoch Sentinel build – Speed Running Void Cleave



  • Health and Capped Resistances
  • Critical Strike Avoidance, Armor, Endurance
  • Leech (Melee/Void Leech)


  • Added Melee Void Damage
  • Critical Chance / Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Increased Void Damage %


  • Anomaly
  • Sigils of Hope
  • Devouring Orb
  • Lunge
  • Void Cleave


Sigils of Hope

Devouring Orb


Void Cleave


  • Sentinel: 20 points
  • Paladin: 15 points
  • Void Knight: 77 points



Void Knight


The Speed Running Void Cleave build makes use of the Darkstride unique iron greaves. It could also use other unique such as Apathy’s Maw two-handed axe, Ravenous Void gloves, Shattered Chains belt, and Locket of the Forgotten Knight amulet.

Darkstride is particularly important for its stats:

  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Charge to Void Cleave
  • Melee Void Damage
  • Increased Movement Speed per Added Melee Void Damage
  • Increased Void Damage


Here is a link to the Speed Running void Cleaver lootfilter:

  • Teal/Blue – Class-specific affix for any class (unselected by default)
  • Light Blue – Early game items (uncheck around level 25)
  • Green – Mid game items (uncheck around level 40)
  • Yellow – Starting endgame items (uncheck around level 60)
  • Orange – Mid endgame items
  • Red – Late endgame items
  • Light Green – Idols

If you are looking to level a Void Knight, refer to Boardman21’s Void Knight leveling guide video.

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