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Last Epoch Necromancer build: Permanent Rampaging Abomination

Last Epoch Necromancer build: Permanent Rampaging Abomination

The Last Epoch “Permanent Rampaging Abomination” build is played as a Necromancer. We spec into summon skeleton and summon skeleton mages using only a few points to give us six different types of skeleton minions. We then summon abomination, only sacrificing skeleton minions so he will not decay Health. He gets More damage and attack speed based on this number of different types of minions and just rampages around.

It is one of only a select few builds that can utilize more than five skills, and we will be using seven in this current setup. We will be taking advantage of several nodes inside of abomination that will give it more damage per minion, more damage per type of minion, and more attack speed if more than five types of minions are consumed. We are also running low life to increase our survivability. We also utilize 100% uptime of dread shade to give abomination 100% Critical strike chance!

Last Epoch Necromancer build: Permanent Rampaging Abomination

To play this build, you’ll be running around dodging enemies and buffing your abomination. The abomination will do all of the work for you, slicing and dicing the enemies in a single hit. I like to run it with dread shade on auto-cast, and I use Transplant to hit the abomination with rip blood every four seconds and Infernal Shade 1x every ~8 seconds.

When it comes to leveling, use Skeletal Mages and Seketal Warriors and utilize the Golem. You can do this up until level 50, at which point you can unlock the abomination and more or less one-shot everything. There’s no need to run a different build and transition into this one. And if you’re a higher level, simply respec into this one and you’re ready to go.



  • Health
  • Capped Resistances
  • Critical Strike Avoidance and Armor


  • Any added flat minion damage
  • Minion damage
  • Minion physical damage
  • Minion melee damage


  • Acolyte
  • Necromancer




  • Transplant
  • Dread Shade
  • Assemble Abomination
  • Infernal Shade
  • Rip Blood
  • Summon Skeletal Mages
  • Summon Skeleton


Dread Shade

Assemble Abomination

Infernal Shade

Rip Blood

Summon Skeletal Mages

Summon Skeleton

Gear and Items

There are three uniques to use for this build, but they are not mandatory:

  • Exsanguinous
  • Last Steps of the Living
  • Death Rattle
  • Bastion of Honor
  • Ravenous Void
  • Bonclamor Barbute

Last Steps of the Living are important for a low-life build, which is what we’re running. We’ll also be using Death Rattle, bringing us a lot of Minion Critical Strike Multiplier. As for idols, focus primarily on hybrid health idols (% increased Health, +Health, etc.). The more flat Health you have, the better.

For a weapon, you can go with something that does not have adaptive spell damage. Causing Infernal Shade to do too much damage will hurt your abomination. Something like the Soul Harvester is a good option.


Here is a link to the Speed Running void Cleaver lootfilter:

  • Teal/Blue – Class-specific affix for any class (unselected by default)
  • Light Blue – Early game items (uncheck around level 25)
  • Green – Mid game items (uncheck around level 40)
  • Yellow – Starting endgame items (uncheck around level 60)
  • Orange – Mid endgame items
  • Red – Late endgame items
  • Light Green – Idols

For more related builds, content, and guides, check out our website’s Last Epoch section!

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