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Last Epoch Acolyte build: Bone Splintering Necromancer

Last Epoch Acolyte build: Bone Splintering Necromancer
Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Last Epoch Acolyte Bone Splintering Necromancer build allows you to run around firing off Marrow Shards, which explode into a barrage of bone splinters at your target location. It deals high damage and has decent area-of-effect along with high survivability that improves with more health. Overall, the Last Epoch Bone Splintering Necromancer build for the Acolyte class is a fun alternative to the popular minion build.

The main skill interaction in this build is double casting Marrow Shards to get Bone Splinter in a big cone for area-of-effect damage. Every time you cast Marrow Shards, there’s a 98% chance you’ll cast it twice for some nice bonus damage. Bone Curse will be set up to auto-cast every six seconds, allowing you to apply it on hit for some extra physical spell hits. You’ll also be able to convert leech into extra damage at ten times its value.

To play this build, put Bone Curse and Wandering Spirits on auto-cast. Bone Curse will apply for four seconds, and Wandering Spirits will do their thing. Then, you’ll transplant around and spam Marrow Shards. Leveling this particular build will pose a challenge, so it’s more of a build to transition to later on in the game. You can refer to Boardman21’s Necromancer leveling guide for an easy leveling process.

Last Epoch Acolyte build – Bone Splintering Necromancer



  • Heath
  • Capped resistances
  • Critical Strike Avoidance and Armor
  • Intelligence


  • Adaptive Spell Damage
  • Spell Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Physical Damage and Leech
  • Intelligence


  • Acolyte: 21 points
  • Lich: 22 points
  • Necromancer: 53 points





  • Bone Curse
  • Rip Blood
  • Transplant
  • Wandering Spirits
  • Marrow Shards

Bone Curse

Rip Blood


Wandering Spirits

Marrow Shards


The Last Epoch Acolyte Bone Splintering Necromancer build requires the following unique items:

  • Exsanguinous (Armor)
  • Last Steps of the Living (Boots)

We’ll be using Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living items for a low-life build to generate ward for survivability.

Additionally, you could use Thorn Slinger belt, which gives +1 Physical Spell but will reduce health since crafted belt can have +health and Hybrid Health. Also, Boneclamor Barbute helmet provided INT, Ward per second, Necrotic Resist, and armor. However, a crafted item would be much better with spell crit and lots of health.


Here is a link to the lootfilter you could use for this build:

  • Teal/Blue – Class-specific affix for any class (unselected by default)
  • Light Blue – Early game items (uncheck around level 25)
  • Green – Mid game items (uncheck around level 40)
  • Yellow – Starting endgame items (uncheck around level 60)
  • Orange – Mid endgame items
  • Red – Late endgame items
  • Light Green – Idols

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