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How to Throw a Curve Ball in Knockout City

Image: Electronic Arts

In a heated game of dodgeball, throwing a ball directly at an opponent isn’t always the best play. After all, anyone with two functioning eyeballs can read the trajectory of a straight line if they’re looking right at you. To catch them off guard, you need to get a little trickier with your throws, put a little English on them. Here’s how to throw a Curve Ball in Knockout City.

In Knockout City, you have two kinds of spin maneuvers you can perform: the spin jump and the flip jump. The spin jump, activated by pressing B/Circle/A/the E key, launches you into a graceful pirouette, with the direction of the spin depending on the direction you were moving. The flip jump, activated by pressing Y/Triangle/X/the Q key, sends you into a quick forward flip. Today, we’re talking specifically about the spin jump, and how its rotation allows you to put English on your ball.

How to Throw a Curve Ball in Knockout City

To throw a Curve Ball, launch yourself into a spin jump, and while you’re spinning, hold the right trigger/left click the mouse to charge and throw your ball. Depending on the direction of your spin, the ball will curve wide either left or right. Remember, you gotta throw the ball before you stop spinning, or it’ll just be a regular straight throw.

The Curve Ball is an extremely useful technique; if you get a lock on someone while you’re charging the ball, but they run behind cover, you can throw a Curve to hit them around the corner. Even in head-on conflicts, it’s still helpful, as you can throw a Curve into an opponent’s blind spot and catch them by surprise. It’s all about reading where they’re going and where they’re facing, and acting accordingly.

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