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How to Lob the Ball in Knockout City

How to Lob the Ball in Knockout City

Here’s something to cogitate on: how often do you look up in your life? Not very often, right? What reason would you have to look up, unless there’s a plane passing overhead or you’re a construction worker or something? It’s for this reason that just above the eye line is one of a human’s most critical blind spots, and that’s something you can take advantage of in a game of dodgeball. Here’s how to Lob the ball in Knockout City.

As we covered in our guide about throwing Curves, there are two kinds of special jumps in Knockout City, the spin jump and the flip jump. Real quick, the spin jump, activated by pressing B/Circle/A/the E key, sends you into a horizontal spin, with the direction of the spin depending on the direction you were moving. The flip jump, activated by pressing Y/Triangle/X/the Q key, launches you into a forward somersault. That somersault can give your ball a little extra verticality. 

How to Lob the Ball in Knockout City

To throw a Lob in Knockout City, perform a flip jump, and while you’re flipping, hold the right trigger/left-click the mouse to charge and throw your ball. The window of opportunity here is a little smaller than the spin jump, so try to throw the ball right at the start of the flip. If you do it right, your ball will be launched high into the air, before angling back down toward your locked target’s forehead.

A Lob is a deceptively useful technique; while the arc in the air makes it a little slower, the fact that it’s coming from an opponent’s blindspot means they’re that much more likely to miss the critical moment where they can dodge or catch it. Even if they receive the lock-on warning, they’ll probably look straight at you, not thinking to look up until it’s too late. Much like the Curve, you can also use the Lob to throw the ball over obstructions like walls, in case a target tries to hide from your lock-on.

You can check out our Knockout City beginner tips and tricks guide for some more basics, including a full overview of the controls.

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