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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Doughnut Locations

All four doughnut locations for “A Trip to Alivel Mall” in the Natural Plains
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Doughnut Locations

No sane man gets between Kirby and his food, and especially not his sweets. When Kirby wants to eat something, you either let him do it or prepare to have your stuff trashed. Someone didn’t leave the doughnuts out in a clear place, so now they’re getting their stuff trashed. Here are all of the doughnut locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

In the stage “A Trip to Alivel Mall” in the Natural Plains, one of the extra challenges for rescuing a Waddle Dee is to eat four doughnuts. These tasty treats have been hidden throughout the level, and considering the mall’s labyrinthine structure, it can be very easy to miss them.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Doughnut Locations

Here are all four doughnut locations:

  1. On the platform between two escalators
  2. On the conveyor belts
  3. On the table next to the sleeping beast
  4. Up the ladder on a table by the goal

For the first doughnut, as you’re traveling down the long horizontal passage near the start of the level, for a stack of boxes at the top of a pair of escalators. You’ll find the first doughnut behind those boxes.

For the second doughnut, get to the part of the level where several conveyor belts are rolling into each other in a large square. At the bottom-right of this area is a secret spot that, when walked into, will prompt the doughnut to appear and start circling the central spike pit.

For the third doughnut, you’ll need to pick the correct path through the second food court, you’ll need to take the correct path forward, which is the hallway below the cake sign on the far left side of the room. In the correct room, there’s a table with a sleeping Beast next to it. Jump on the table to trigger a secret spot, revealing the doughnut.

For the fourth and final doughnut, you need to get to the very end of the stage, with the goal cage right in front of you. To the goal cage’s right, you’ll see a ladder leading up to a balcony, with the final doughnut on a table at the far left.

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