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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities

We have the complete list of all the copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities

What would Kirby be without his signature Copy Ability? Well, actually, Kirby didn’t have that ability in his very first game, Kirby’s Dreamland. All he could do was inhale stuff. The Copy Ability was added in Kirby’s Adventure, though, and it’s been one of the series’ highlight features ever since. Naturally, Copy Abilities make a comeback in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, now with even flashier upgraded forms! Here’s what you need to know about Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities.

For those who are new to this song and dance, it’s a simple process: certain enemies, when inhaled and swallowed by Kirby, bestow their powers upon him the form of a Copy Ability (plus a nifty hat). You can hold onto these abilities as long as you like, though you’re encouraged to swap on the fly to solve puzzles and adapt to encounters. New to Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the upgrade system, wherein you can visit Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee Town to alter and enhance your Copy Abilities. Before you can upgrade, though, you’ll need to find the proper blueprint somewhere in the levels, as well as pay a fee of Star Coins and Rare Stones.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities

Here’s a list of all of the Copy Abilities in the game, along with their upgrades and a general description of their functions.


  • Base: Kirby breathes fire directly in front of himself. Jump and attack to perform a fireball dash.
  • Volcano: Kirby spits chunks of molten stone that fly farther than the regular Fire breath.
  • Dragon: The Fire breath travels farther, and the fireball dash flies farther and faster with fiery wings.


  • Base: Swing a sword rapidly. Charge up for a spinning attack, attack in the air for a somersault slash, or attack while guarding for a dashing stab and uppercut.
  • Gigant: Larger sword, slashes slower, but stronger. Charge up for a slam attack in front of Kirby, guarding brings up a shield that blocks damage from the front.
  • Meta Knight: Faster and stronger than the base sword, adds new moves like a rapid attack after an uppercut and a special running attack. At full health, slashes also launch projectiles.


  • Base: Throw a cutter boomerang. Charge up after throwing a cutter to have it grow in size and damage, then release to bring it back to you. Attack next to an enemy to switch to a melee attack.
  • Chakram: Throw out two cutters rapidly, which return in right and left arcs. Same moveset as base Cutter.
  • Buzz-Saw: Launch a slower, yet stronger blade that bounces off walls and between enemies. 


  • Base: Launch bombs that explode on contact or after a few seconds. Tap B to quickly lob a bomb, hold the button to aim manually or tap while running to bowl a bomb forward.
  • Chain: Place bombs next to each other to link them up. The more bombs next to each other, the bigger the explosion when they detonate.
  • Homing: Automatically homes in on nearby enemies after being thrown or bowled.


  • Base: Hold B to extend spikes that capture enemies and objects. You can roll around with your spikes extended to keep collecting stuff, then release B to launch all of it forward.
  • Clutter: Every time the spikes extend or retract, damaging bits of clutter will bounce off around Kirby.
  • Crystal: Leaves a trail of spikes on the ground as you roll around.


  • Base: Breathe ice in front of Kirby, damaging and eventually freezing enemies into ice blocks, which can be kicked in any direction. Double-tap B to perform an Ice slide, allowing you to slide down slopes and freeze enemies along the way.
  • Frosty: Creates snowmen on the ground that can be kicked like ice blocks.
  • Blizzard: Kirby launches ice spikes that fly farther than the regular Ice breath, and can still freeze enemies.


  • Base: Fly in the direction Kirby is facing to damage and capture enemies and objects in the tornado. Tap B while flying to end the tornado early and launch whatever you’re carrying. Can be used to cross wide gaps.
  • Fleur: Same functions as base Tornado, but more powerful and launches feather projectiles when the tornado ends.
  • Storm: Same functions as base Tornado, but lets loose bolts of lighting when the tornado ends.


  • Base: Powerful short-range melee weapon. Hold B to charge up to three levels and perform an explosive Hammer Flip. Attack in the air for a spinning swing.
  • Toy: Same functions as base Hammer, but larger, stronger, and faster.
  • Wild: Slower than Toy Hammer, but twice as strong.


  • Base: Kirby falls asleep on the spot and recovers some health. Disappears after use.
  • Deep: Fully restores health after a nap and provides a random buff to either Attack or Speed for 200 seconds. Disappears after use.


  • Base: Kirby gets a pistol that automatically targets enemies he’s facing when fired. Hold B to charge up for a bigger blast while manually aiming your shot.
  • Noble: Kirby uses two guns at once, firing rapid shots with every press. Charge up to fire a barrage of blasts rather than one big blast.
  • Space: Slower than base Ranger, but every shot deals greater damage. Fully charged shots explode into damaging sparks.


  • Base: Dig underground, then pop up beneath enemies to attack. Can also perform a short straight dash in the air before burrowing down. Create a circle while digging to perform a Quake Surge, damaging all enemies in the circle.
  • Pencil: Same functions as base Drill, but every time Kirby pops out of the ground, he launches a pencil missile in the direction he’s facing.
  • Twin: Double the power and speed of base Drill, can also attack above-ground.


  • Base: Charge up a blast that immediately defeats all smaller enemies on the screen and severely damages larger enemies and bosses. Disappears after use.
  • Time: Charge up to stop time. Kirby can move around damaging enemies with a field around him, with every enemy he damages extending the length that time is stopped. Disappears after use.

Special Abilities

These are special versions of existing abilities that are unlocked by completing the game and post-game rather than finding blueprints. 

  • Masked Hammer: King Dedede’s hammer, packing the strength of Wild Hammer with the speed of Toy Hammer.
  • Morpho Knight Sword: Morpho Knight’s sword, an enhanced version of Gigant Sword with maxed-out speed and strength. Slashes on the ground create massive, flaming tornadoes.

Those are all the copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. For more related content, guides, and codes, check out Kirby and the Forgotten Land section.

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