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Is Webbed Multiplayer?

Is Webbed Multiplayer?
Image via Sbug Games

The majority of spider species aren’t known for being especially social. In fact, quite a few spiders are outright hostile to any other spiders encroaching upon their territory. There are, however, some species of spider that form long-lasting social relationships in large, communal webs and colonies. Webbed is a game about a spider going on an adventure to rescue her boyfriend, befriending numerous insects along the way, so in theory, there should be some room for other spiders to join in. But is Webbed multiplayer?

Is Webbed Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Webbed is not a multiplayer experience. While it seems our arachnid protagonist is of the social spider variety, there isn’t any room for tagalongs on her adventure. Webbed is a completely self-contained single player experience, with no multiplayer component whatsoever. While its web-spinning and web-slinging mechanics could, in theory, be applied to a multiplayer context, the developers have already said that they have no interest in doing so.

Even if the developers were interested in a multiplayer component, they may not have the resources available to them to make one. Sbug Games’ only publications are Webbed and 2019’s STAB STAB STAB!  The latter game, inversely to Webbed, was a multiplayer-only affair, and only couch multiplayer at that. Both of these games are fairly short and simple, so it’s possible that Sbug only has the resources available to them to make a single-player only or multiplayer-only game. Sorry, but that’s the biz for you. Maybe you could train a spider to play Webbed on a separate computer while you play it on your own nearby.

You can learn more about Webbed on the official Steam page.

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