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Is UFC 5 Crossplay? Answered

Because who doesn't want to choke their friend out with a Guillotine?
Is UFC 5 crossplay? 2 fighters fighting
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EA’s UFC fighting games have been a breath of fresh air in the fighting game space for the last few years. They offer an alternative type of gameplay compared to traditional fighters like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, drawing in a dedicated community of loyal fans. With the new entry into the series on the horizon, we have to wonder will the new UFC 5 be crossplay?

UFC 4 was not crossplay; there’s no precedent for UFC 5 to have crossplay functionality. However, popular recent EA titles like FIFA 22 and Apex Legends have both attempted to implement crossplay features. FIFA 22 ran cross-platform functionality tests in 2022, while Apex Legends flat out has crossplay enabled.

Does that mean that UFC 5 will have crossplay? Not exactly.

Is UFC 5 Crossplay?

As of right now, we have absolutely no idea. There hasn’t been much in the way of official information released by EA regarding UFC 5, and that includes whether or not the game will be crossplay. EA has played its cards close to its chest on the next entry in the UFC game series, although we do know that it’s coming down the line.

That’s all we really have to say when it comes to the question of “is UFC 5 crossplay?” Only a handful of people in the world know the answer, and we’re not one of them.

If EA announces crossplay for UFC 5, though, you’ll find that announcement here.

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