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Is Tower of Fantasy Available on Steam? Answered

When is Tower of Fantasy coming to Steam?
Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy stole our hearts after it was released on mobile. Reason for this? It’s because of the beautiful visuals, cool landmarks, and epic characters you can win through their gacha system. It’s very similar to Genshin Impact with a very different story. Fighting the bad guys is fun and when you use your abilities with your technologically advanced weapons you feel all warm inside. With its growing popularity, the one question on players’ minds is this: Is Tower of Fantasy available on Steam? We have the answers for you so don’t worry. Keep reading and you’ll find out if you can play on PC.

Tower of Fantasy on Steam Answer

The biggest question on players’ minds is wondering if you can bring your Tower of Fantasy adventures to PC. Short answer, yes. You definitely can play Tower of Fantasy on Steam. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t available at launch. But as of October 20, 2022, Tower of Fantasy is available on Steam and available to Windows players. Sorry Mac users, you’ll have your day one day, maybe, who knows? If you have a PC be sure to download Tower of Fantasy and be prepared to start your journey.

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What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a mobile, gacha, action role-playing game where you will play as a character that has tons of customizations. You have entered a planet called Aida, due to Earth running out of resources, where you’ll have to deal with Omnium radiance running rampart through your new hometown. What is Omnium you may ask? It’s an energy source that the comet Mara contained and in order to keep that energy citizens have built Omnium Towers to contain it. Unfortunately, the radiation is causing tons of problems in the world around you and it’s up to you to go through this futuristic world to solve problems. Sounds like fun? It definitely is.

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