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Is Gotham Knights Single Player?

If you have a friend who wants to join in on the vigilantism, they can do so very easily.
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Gotham Knights, the sort-of-sequel, sort-of-spin-off to the Batman: Arkham games is still slated for release this coming October. It stars the four non-Batman members of the Bat-Family, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood, as they become Gotham’s new chief vigilantes after Batman’s supposed death. With a cast of four main characters to choose from, it’s understandable to wonder whether or not the game has any multiplayer features.

So, is Gotham Knights single player?

Is Gotham Knights Single Player?

Gotham Knights can be played solo, allowing you to select any of the four members of the Bat-Family to play as. You can play the entire game by yourself and not miss anything, but if you have a friend who wants to join in on the vigilantism, they can do so very easily. Gotham Knights features drop-in co-op play, allowing a second player to pick another member of the Bat-Family to join the main player in slugging thugs and righting wrongs.

Recently, rumors circulated that the game might actually feature four-player co-op, due to an alteration made on the game’s PlayStation Store page sighted by a Reddit user. However, that alteration was likely a mere error, as the page was switched back to just two-player co-op not long after.

In an interview with IGN held back in October 2021, the game’s developers explained why they opted for the two-player maximum. “You can have four-player brawler experiences, [but] I think the more you try to lean into that, the more you end up having to create environments that only really work for that.”

“Focusing more on the idea of the immediate team-up of two allowed us to say, ‘OK, we can build a world that works perfectly well for either solo play or pairing off.'”

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