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Is Breathedge Multiplayer

With a reasonably successful launch on February 25th, 2021. Breathedge has been holding strong on the Steam sales and trend charts. Breathedge markets itself as an “outer space survival adventure game,” and many players have regarded it as Subnautica in space. The game is labeled as “Single-Player” in the Steam store. So new players have been wondering, Is Breathedge Multiplayer?

Is Breathedge Multiplayer?

The short answer: No. At the moment, Breathedge does not support any multiplayer. Unfortunately, you will not be able to experience the space horror game with your friends. 

Will Breathedge ever get Multiplayer?

The developers have not given any clear indication that Breathedge will ever receive a multiplayer or co-op mode. While many players have asked for it, developer RedRuins has nothing on the horizon in its roadmap to allow online play.

Players may have to hold out for some community support in the way of a Breathedge multiplayer mod. Much like the Subnautica player community made with the Subnautica multiplayer mod. 

Adding multiplayer support into a game after the fact is no simple task. If a game did not have multiplayer in mind during its development, adding it afterward would take a fairly extensive overhaul. Many of the mechanics would have to be reworked and rebalanced, along with the challenge of adding online support into the current game engine. Besides all of those factors, it is unclear how well a co-op mode would fit gameplay-wise into a game like Breathedge. The game banks on its ability to make you feel as though you are stranded in space, alone. So it may not feel like the same experience if you had other players around you. 

If no multiplayer is a deal-breaker for you. Then Breathedge might not be your game. You may want to try a game more focused on a co-op, multiplayer experience like Valheim, which is exploding with popularity at the moment. 

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