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Is on Xbox? Answered

Move over Forza...or maybe not.
Image via BeamNG GmbH’s is an immersive driving simulation game that boasts a “soft-body physics” engine. This allows cars to deform in a way that other games fail to do. A lot of games tend to have baked in animations and damage that gets applied, depending on the situation. But the soft physics lets cars take damage in unique ways, on top of giving them a different weight.

Because of this, many gamers are clamoring to play it to test out what the engine to do. Whether that’s a small fender bender or a full-on traffic collusion.  While everyone has their system of choice, what matters is the platforms it is, or isn’t, available for.

Is available on Xbox?

The game saw an initial early access release for the public in 2015. It’s currently available for purchase on Steam. However, the game is still only in early access. The developers have been refining the game and providing patches since it’s launch into early access. Despite this, the game has yet to get a full launch and is only marked as an early access game.

Because of this, is currently not playable on Xbox. The only place you can play it is Steam access, though it can come to other platforms at a later date. Keep an eye out for developer BeamNG GmbH’s website for news on future platforms or a full launch of the game. With 0.26, the game started a career mode to experiment with as well as experience so it’s getting more and more features for fans to enjoy after the carnage of smashing into other cars.

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