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Inscryption Robot Puzzle Solution

Inscryption Robot Puzzle Solution
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital

Something I’ve learned from playing both Pony Island and Inscryption is that Daniel Mullins is not the kind of dev who holds your hand. He will explain a concept to you exactly once (if that), and if you didn’t internalize it, well, that’s your own fault. One of Inscryption’s little escape room puzzles requires a particular set of knowledge you may not have caught prior, which is why a lot of folks (myself included) needed some help understanding it. Here’s the Inscryption robot puzzle solution.

In the third act of the game, P03 has completely taken over, locking you into a game of his own design that’s similar yet distinct from Leshy’s. For one thing, you can’t even stand up until he gives you the go ahead, but once he does, you’ll be able to explore a bit of his factory. Near the table are two chests with sliding puzzles on the locks. These work on the same principle as the cabinet drawers in Leshy’s Cabin, requiring you to deal at least 5 points of direct damage in simulated combat. The problem is that the tiles utilize sigils that, unless you paid particularly close attention in the second act, might go over your head.

Inscryption Robot Puzzle Solution

The left chest uses shield and bomb sigils. You’ve already had some experience with these in P03’s game by this point, so this one is pretty easy to figure out. Here’s the solution for you:

Inscryption Robot Puzzle Solution 01
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital

Opening this chest gets you Mrs. Bomb’s Remote, which you can use to fill all empty spaces on a field with bombs.

The right locker is the much more complicated one. This puzzle utilizes a kind of Mox sigil known as a Gem Detonator. The way it works is any card with a gem on it that’s destroyed by a card with the Gem Detonator sigil turns into a bomb, dealing damage to the cards adjacent to it.

This isn’t super well explained in the manual, and if you’re anything like me, you didn’t touch Mox cards with a ten foot pole in the second act, so it’s a bit harder to decipher. Here’s the solution for you:

Inscryption Robot Puzzle Solution 02
Image via Daniel Mullins Games/Devolver Digital

Once you crack this chest, you’ll get the Lonely Wizbot card, which you might recognize as the wizard that Magnificus left in sensory deprivation for entirely too long. He’s very… touch-starved.

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