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Hunt: Showdown – How to Self Revive

Cheat Death as many times as possible
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Hunt: Showdown is one tricky and gruelling shoot out in both co-op and solo mode. There can be no denying however just how much more terrifying tense playing alone is in the game. Luckily, players have options if things become a bit too much. We can all appreciate getting second chances, and with the Self Revive mechanic in solo mode, players have exactly that to depend on as a saving grace.

How to Self Revive in Hunt: Showdown

For those who brave Hunt: Showdown’s solo mode that pits 12 Hunters against one another, self revive works in a similar way to the Necromancer trait in the other two co-op mode options – duo or trios. The exact trait that does this is called Death Cheat, and is exclusive to solo play. This grants solo players multiple opportunities to stay in the game unless they are completely closed off from being able to revive. This allows players to keep their Hunter and the traits they have attached to said Hunter, but all weapons or items are removed.

So firstly, to prevent solo players from self reviving, once they are downed, burn the body. Watch until they are completely burnt out since the player are still able to revive themselves in it. Setting down a trap on top of the Hunter’s body or any other tactical gadget such as barbed wire will bring them down at least once. This strategy will use up resources however, so the most proficient way to keep them down is by simply killing them whenever they self revive, since there is a limit to it.

Said limit may very well be that a player does not have the Death Cheat trait. This is because just like acquiring any perk or trait, this is obtained through the exchanging of event points for pacts. Not everyone will get the trait, and the clearest indication of a player having it on them is their character skin since certain skins from the Devil’s Moon event comes with it.

For everyone else, Death Cheat can be obtained by getting a Pact Mark. This can be done at any Supply Station and by selecting the Grounded Pact Shrine. Players will need at least one to trigger the self revive option. Even if players have up to the limit of four Pact Marks on them, the self revive can only be done in exchange for them. That means that whenever Death Cheat is used, players will need to quickly obtain another Pact Mark to ensure that they are able to use the trait again. You can do this by accumulating 35 event points, banishing a boss, or looting a Hunter.

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