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Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons Tier List

Bomb Lance reigns supreme really
Hunt Showdown LeMat Mark II Carbine Guide
Image via Crytek Frankfurt

Hunt: Showdown offers a plethora of ways to tackle its PvP and PvE nature, some of which tend to be more viable than others. When it comes to the numerous options players have when kitting out their hunter of choice with at least two weapons, deciding on which can take even longer than finding a game. So, here’s the best that money or some fruitful looting can provide you.

Hunt: Showdown Best Weapons Tier List

Before we really get into it, please keep in mind that the better guns always tend to be more expensive since they do pack the biggest punch in higher stats across the board. Remember to always loot a Hunter to switch our your gear for potentially better weapons, accumulate money as often as possible by keeping an eye out on all available avenues, such as coin bags and cash registers, and always aim to get out of a round alive since you have racked up Hunt dollars for simply playing the objective – such as finding clues and Bosses nets you coinage.

SBomb Lance (one tap)Crown & King (best shotgun)Mosin-Nagant M1891/ AvtomatNitro Express RifleMosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Drum / MaceDolch 96 PrecisionSpringfield 1892 Krag
ACalwell Rival 78Lebel 1886 Talon LeMat Mark II CarbineMosin-Nagant M1891 BayonetSparks LRR/ Silencer / SniperDolch 96Caldwell Conversion UppercutBornheim No. 3 ExtendedWinfield 1887 Terminus HandcannonMosin-Nagant M1891 ObrezBornheim No. 3 MatchWinfield M1873 Musket BayonetWinfield 1887 TerminusVetterli 71 Karabiner BayonetSpecter 1882 Bayonet
BLebel 1886 / MarksmanMartini-Henry IC1 / DeadeyeMosin-Nagant M1891 SniperNagant M1895 Officer Carbine / DeadeyeRomero 77 TalonLeMat Mark II RevolverCaldwell Pax ClawCaldwell Conversion Chain PistolBornheim No. 3Springfield 1866 Compact StrikerSpecter 1882 CompactNagant M1895 Precision / DeadeyeWinfield M1876 Centennial / SniperWinfield M1873 / ApertureVetterli 71 Karabiner DeadeyeSpringfield 1866 Marksman
CCrossbowMartini-Henry IC1 Marksman / Riposte / IronsideRomero 77Nagant M1895 Silencer / Officer BrawlerHand CrossbowCaldwell PaxCaldwell Conversion PistolWinfield M1873C Vandal / Striker / DeadeyeSpringfield 1866 Compact DeadeyeRomero 77 HatchetCaldwell Rival 78 HandcannonWinfield M1873C / Marksman / SilencerWinfield M1873 Talon / SwiftSpringfield 1866Specter 1882
DNagant M1895 / OfficerMacheteCavalry SaberSpringfield 1866 CompactRomero 77 HeadcannonCombat AxeVetterli 71 Karabiner

Hunt Showdown is available to play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows. We hope this article helped you. Interested in more Hunt: Showdown content? Check out our other similar articles such as All Hidden Achievements in Hunt: Showdown or Hunt: Showdown Best Loadouts.

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