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How to use the repulsor in Halo Infinite

Use the repulsor to set up some creative frags in Halo Infinite.
How to use the repulsor in Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite multiplayer is full of items and weapons you can utilize to make for some pretty impressive plays. One such item is the repulsor, and it does what the name suggests. You can use it to push objects and enemies away, and it can both save your life and set you up for some creative kills and splatters. Here’s how to use the repulsor in Halo Infinite.

The repulsor is one of the many items you’ll find lying around in various item spawn points on maps like Behemoth. When you pick it up, you’ll have three charges that you can activate using whatever key you have bound to “Use Equipment” (Q on PC). When you use it, your Spartan will make a punching motion and repulse any movable object in your path.

How to use the repulsor in Halo Infinite

Here are some common uses for the repulsor in Halo Infinite:

  1. Knocking enemies off the map to their death.
  2. Pushing incoming vehicles away from you.
  3. Taking shortcuts and getting in position.
  4. Launching grenades, rockets, or weapons in a direction.

You may have a weekly challenge in Halo Infinite to splatter someone with a repulsor. Well, you’ll basically need to knock them off the map to their death. That’s a splatter. And it’s a fun maneuver to pull off. You can also splatter enemies by repulsing objects into them, such as vehicles.

That brings us to the next point. If an enemy vehicle is coming straight for you, get the repulsor ready because you can catch them off guard and completely turn them around or push them off the map if you time it correctly. Timing is key here, as you could get run over if you’re a second too early or late.

Image: GamerJournalist Screenshot

Another thing you can do with a repulsor requires a bit of practice. You can toss your grenade in front of you and use the repulsor to knock it over to an enemy. If you time it properly, the grenade will pretty much detonate on impact. That gives the enemy a lot less time to react. If you can master this technique, it can be a deadly one. Plus, it’s a ton of fun. You can also reflect enemy grenades or rockets back at them or away from you to avoid getting blown up. 

Image: GamerJournalist Screenshot

You can also use this item for more mobility, as it acts as a sort of rocket jump if you aim it at the ground. Using it this way allows you to quickly get to otherwise impossible to get to areas, ledges, and positions. Setup a flank and catch the enemy off guard by repulsing into an unorthodox location.

Similarly, if you have a weapon in front of you on the ground and want to pass it to your teammate, you can use the repulsor to knock it over to them. Or, you can keep a weapon out of enemy hands using this technique. There are a few instances this can come in clutch for you and your team, so keep it in your back pocket for the right moment. Halo is all about map control and positioning, after all!

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