How to Use Console Commands in House Party

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Have you ever read the book Off to be the Wizard? It’s about a dude who accidentally stumbles upon reality’s source code and figures out how to modify it, so he goes back to medieval times to convince everyone he’s a wizard. The reason I bring that up is to reassure you that you are not the only one who would abuse their powers if granted the ability to futz with reality with a command line. If you want a taste of that kind of power, you can get a rough approximation in House Party. Here’s how to use console commands in House Party.

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House Party is kinda like an open-ended choose-your-own adventure book. There are lots of different sub-stories and potential interactions you can stumble upon, and if it’s the first time you’re playing the game, you should endeavor to uncover them on your own. If, however, you’ve played the game a lot already and want to skip a few things to get to the new bits, you can influence the world through the Unity developer console. Just a warning: using console commands will disable achievements for the duration of your current run, so you’ll need to start a new game to re-enable them.

How to Use Console Commands in House Party

To activate the developer console, simply press the “`” key on your keyboard. It’s the key right next to the “1” key if you’ve never seen it before. This’ll drop the console down from the top, presenting you with a command line you can type in. You can get a full list of all the commands in the game by typing “help” and pressing Enter. 

Console Commands in House Party

Now, there are a lot of commands in this game, some of which are… decidedly unsafe for work, so for the sake of expediency, here are a few helpful commands to get you started.

Roaming[character] roaming [true or false] allowEither allows or prevents the designated character from moving from their current position.
Door Locks[lock or unlock] door [location of door]Lock or unlock a door. Useful for corralling characters away from certain rooms.
Teleporting[character] warpto playerWarps the designated character to your immediate vicinity. Handy if you lose track of someone, or they get stuck in something.
Friendship/Romance Statssocial [character] player [number] [friendship or romance] addIncreases the designated character’s friendship or romance meter by the specified amount.
Manage Questsquest [start or complete] [“quest name”]Start or complete a particular questline. You can get a list of character questlines by typing “quest list [character’s name]”.
Get Stuffplayer inventory add [item name]Get the specified item. There’s no built-in item list like with quests, so you’ll need to know the item’s name yourself. Adding it to your inventory will also remove it from the house.
Body Morphingbodypart [body part] [target person] [value]Alter the size of a character’s body parts. Serves no practical purpose, aside from being hilarious.
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