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How to upgrade your ship in Ship of Fools

"It's all in the soup" - A wise old lady.
upgraded ship in ship of fools
Image via Team17

Ship of Fools is an incredible rogue-like game where players must keep throwing themselves at the waves to try and score more and more loot to upgrade. The more they upgrade, the further you’ll go. Thankfully for us, we have the amazing capabilities of Helga by our side to help us do just that. But how exactly do you upgrade your ship in Ship of Fools? And what can you upgrade? Here is how to upgrade your ship in Ship of Fools.

How to upgrade the ship in Ship of Fools

Helga’s Soups

Back in the Great Lighthouse, where you’ll be taken to between each run, you’ll find Helga. Helga features in the tutorial and sets up shop in an upper segment of the Great Lighthouse. If you make your way up to her, your screen will pivot to a bunch of soups on offer. These soups, through some kind of sorcery, directly upgrade your ship.

Helga's upgrades in ship of fools
Image via Team17

You have four options, each varying in price:

  • Sand Dollar Soup – You will start each run with more Sand Dollars for that run
  • Harpoon Soup – You will start each run with more harpoons for that run
  • Plank Soup – Your ship will gain an additional Hit Point
  • Soup of a Pedestal – Your ship will gain an additional Pedestal

Once you’ve selected your upgrade, move up to the corresponding soup on the bench and interact with it.

Each upgrade can be acquired more than once, but each further upgrade costs more. The currency in question is tendrils, an item that you can find on your travels.

You will benefit from the upgrade instantly, meaning your next run should be a little more successful.

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Taking Tendrils

There are two ways to gain tendrils in Ship of Fools. When out venturing, you may find tendril icons on the map. Move onto those tiles with tendril icons to gain one tendril at the end of the fight with the enemies.

tendrils on map in ship of fools
Image via Team17

Additionally, after each run, your performance and progress will all contribute to the amount of tendrils you get, so if you keep throwing yourself out there, you will keep gaining more and more tendrils passively, even if you don’t go for them on the map.

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