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How to upgrade items in Godfall

How to upgrade items in Godfall

Godfall is a new melee-based action role-playing looter game from Gearbox Publishing. It is a launch title for PlayStation 5 and also available for Windows. Throughout the four realms, you’ll find various types of powerful loot for all of your different item slots. To get the most powerful gear in the game, you’re going to want to upgrade your items to increase their stats. Here’s how to upgrade items in Godfall.

How to upgrade items in Godfall

To upgrade items in Godfall, you need to unlock the forge from the second Earth mission, “The Godsmith.” During this mission, you will rescue an NPC by the name of Zenun Earthminder. After completing the quest, you can talk to Zenun back in the Sanctum, and he will unlock the forge. You can then interact with the forge, which is right next to him, and upgrade your items through there.

Interact with the forge, and it will pull up your inventory of weapons and other items. Each item can upgrade a total of five tiers, with each subsequent level costing more materials. For example, upgrading a weapon to the first tier costs 200 Electrum, the second tier costs 400 Electrum plus 5 Sunsteel, the third tier costs 800 Electrum, 10 Sunsteel, and 2 Incarnate Essense, and so forth. 

At the third upgrade level, you can choose a secondary stat to enhance as well.

Select the weapon you want to upgrade and click on the upgrade button on the screen’s bottom right. It can be a bit misleading because it looks like you can click on the upgrade button to the right. You should probably save your materials for the highest tier rarity Legendary items, rather than upgrading epics and rares. Basic common sense in looter games, but some new players might not know this. That’s all you really need to know about upgrading items in Godfall.

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