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How to Unlock the Player Shop in Ooblets

Open the Shop!
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In Ooblets, there are a variety of jobs to take care of called Tinstle Tasks. But, accessing the Tinstle Task board is only possible once the player has defeated the Clickyclaws in a dance battle. Upon victory against the Clickyclaws, the task board will become available to you. As you complete new tasks, you’ll unlock new ones that will help make your Ooblets life even more fun!

As you make it to the level 5 Tinstle Tasks, you’ll be tasked with opening your own shop in Badgetown. But, what does this task entail? And what’s more, how do you complete it? Read on to find out more!

How to Unlock the Player Shop

In order to unlock the player shop in Ooblets, you must first access the corresponding Tinstle Task. It’s accessible once you’ve completed the fourth level five Tinstle Task, which requires you to Send Another Gift Basket. Upon completion, you should gain access to the Open Your Own Shop Tinstle Task. Complete this task to unlock the Player Shop, which allows you to sell items to NPCs.

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When was the Player Shop Added to Ooblets?

According to the Ooblets website, the Player Shop was incorporated as of Update 0.99. It involved new furniture, flooring, and more! “The shop can be decorated with flooring, wallpapers, and furniture you’ve bought for your house, as well as special display cases that let you sell stuff!” according to the update notes. Other inclusions in Update 0.99 include new Wildlands quests, quests to find lost Ooblets, and a price increase for the game.

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