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How to Unlock SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy

Unlocking SSR Relics in TOF!
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Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG that was was released on PC and mobile. It features futuristic aesthetics that remind players of Genshin Impact. The game has a vast array of characters you can unlock through a gacha system, beautiful landscapes you can hover through on your jetpack, and tons of missions that range from side quests to main. What differs Tower of Fantasy from Genshin Impact are their relic items you can obtain to make your gameplay a better experience. Here is how you can unlock SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Unlock SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a total of 20 relics in the game, including both SSR and SR items. The SSR relics will help you out tremendously during your adventure. The different relics you can obtain in the game are:

  • Colossus Arm
  • Omnium Shield
  • Type V Armor
  • Spacetime Rift
  • Confinement
  • Drone
  • Hologram Projector
  • Alternate Destiny

Unlocking SSR relics can be difficult because unlocking them requires story progression in the game. You would also need to acquire points during exploration, since after you have reached a certain point, you can unlock some relics. This means you need to start exploring the world early on so it can be easier to unlock weapons. Take for instance the Colossus Arm, in order to unlock it, you nee to compete a quest and have certain items to unlock.

Finishing quests, exploring the land, and venturing into ruins are all ways you can unlock special relics. Another way to get more relics is by buying them using relic fragments. These fragments can be obtained by fighting off certain bosses in the world. That’s it! There are only a few ways you can unlock these special relics.

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