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How to Unlock Secret Cutscenes in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

Something spectacular awaits.

Unless you’re a wrestling fan whose been living under a rock, then you have definitely been made aware that 2K’s WWE 2K23 is going to be shaking things up with some new enhancements to the fan-favorite Universe Mode that is sure to drum up some excitement.

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Aside from the interesting new Superstar Mode, Universe Mode will also allow players to unlock some super secret cutscenes whilst playing. But, how are they unlocked, and what do they do? Well, today we’re going to explain how to unlock secret cutscenes in WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode, as well as which ones have been discovered so far!

How to Unlock Secret Cutscenes in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

When it comes to how cutscenes are handled in Universe Mode, players will actually be allowed to choose them as they set up the matches ahead in a cutscene selector. But to actually unlock these secret cutscenes, it’s all going to be dependent on the rivalries that players build up in the Universe Mode.

What this means is, you’re going to have to set up many scenarios and play them out in order to actually uncover all of these secret cutscenes. And there are definitely quite a few to unlock, with various scenarios and categories worth finding throughout your gameplay.

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All Known Ways to Unlock Secret Cutscenes in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode So Far

Here’s a list of all of the various secret cutscenes that have been uncovered so far, as well as how they’re done, which will give you a better idea of how others can be unlocked too.

  • Ally Versus the Arrogant Champ – An ally must face off against an arrogant defender. This can have two different outcomes.
  • Betrayal – Rivals are allies but must have a low Intensity rating.
  • Champion and Challenger Bury the Hatchet – The two competitors must be rivals for a week at the minimum and have an Intensity rating of at least a Medium. This can have two different outcomes.
  • Reverse – World Champ and the MITB Holder are rivals but must have an Intensity rating of Very High. This can have two different outcomes.
  • Stepping Stone – Allies or Tag Teammates must wrestle as rivals. This can have two different outcomes.
  • The Undertaker’s Ambush – This must include The Undertaker during an Ambush.
  • The Undertaker’s Warning – The match must include The Undertaker in a Showdown.

So, now you know exactly what you need to do in WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode in order to begin unlocking those secret cutscenes you’ve been hearing about. If you found this guide at all helpful, then be sure to check out some of our others, such as “All DLC Wrestlers in Character Packs and Release Dates – WWE 2K23”. And don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook as well in order to be kept in the know of all things WWE 2K23 and beyond, including news, guides, and even reviews!

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