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How to Unlock Hardcore Mode in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator Goes Hardcore!

Pet Simulator X has become a massive hit with a rabid fanbase. Made in Roblox, it’s frequently updated with new content, features, and even modes. Hardcore Mode is for those that want a bit more challenge or want some of the exclusive pets. The pets are worth it as they deal tremendous damage when you take them out of hardcore mode.

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How to Unlock Hardcore Mode in Pet Simulator X

You’ll need to have access to the Hacker Portal in Tech World. The Void has to be entered in order to be able to unlock Hardcore Mode. This is accomplished by completing three quests: break 10 giant hacker chests, collect 50 loot bags, and convert 3 pets into Dark Matter.

Once you’ve completed the tasks, you can officially enter the void. Once inside, you’ll see a purple building on your right. It’ll have a sign for Hardcore Mode on it. But, unless you have 25% mastery, You won’t be able to enter it. If you do, and you likely do if you’re looking for a more challenging mode, you can enter it and you’ll have Hardcore Mode unlocked in the game modes menu.

If you don’t have the Mastery needed, you’ll need to raise it in order to get inside. If you open your pet menu, you’ll see a pink star icon. That opens up your current Mastery. Leveling up raises your Mastery level, so look for lower levels to rank up. This will allow you quickly gain Mastery and unlock Hardcore Mode.

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