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How to Turn on Secret Hard Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo

September 30th, 1998...

The new Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo is finally out, just fourteen days before the full release. Within in, players can visit the iconic Village filled with Chainsaw Villagers and Ganados. The Remake looks and runs beautifully, with an upgraded Control Scheme that feels fluid and easy to use. Whilst it is difficult to get out of tight spaces, vault over obstacles and dodge from multiple enemies, the strategy remains to always be one step ahead of the enemies. Surviving the first Village purge can be difficult in the Standard Mode but with the opportunity to play on the Extreme Difficulty: Mad Chainsaw Mode, who could pass on trying it out? This is our guide on how to unlock the secret Hard Mode: Mad Chainsaw in the Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo.

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How to Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in Resident Evil 4 Demo

This new extremely difficult Mode has been added to the Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo, but is only available for this Demo only. Whilst this Demo is available up until the release of Resident Evil 4 (March 24th, 2023), if you want to have a go at it before the game’s release, you will need a lot of patience in doing so. The reason for this is that there is only one requirement to hit in order to play this Mode but it’s trigger is randomized. You must complete the Demo on Standard Mode once in order to hit the requirement to unlock the Mad Chainsaw Mode. However, in doing so you will not get this Mode immediately.

What you need to do then is to repeatedly enter and exit a New Game. Standard Mode always begins with the September 1998 opening, voiced by Leon Kennedy. It will have the standard black loading screen. Therefore, you should just skip into Chapter 1 and immediately exit this Playthrough as you do not have Mad Chainsaw Mode enabled. To enable it you will have to repeatedly enter and exit the Playthroughs. You will know when the Chainsaw Mode becomes available by a new screen appearing, offering the Mad Chainsaw Mode Challenge. I had to close and re-enter a New Game approximately 15-20 times before seeing this Mode appear. Another time I got the Mode in 3 restarts.

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How Mad Chainsaw Mode Works

Upon accepting the Extreme Difficulty Mode, you will only have one opportunity to beat it. There is no chance to click Continue, to take you back to the last checkpoint. Rather, you get one chance to be saved by the bell in this Mode in order to successfully complete it. If you fail, you will have to repeat the process again of entering and exiting Playthroughs to trigger the Chainsaw Mode Challenge once more. This Mode will not make a return in the full release so if you fancy a challenge before March 24th, now is the time. Take on the Chainsaw Villagers and try to survive for either 7 minutes or to kill a total of 15 Ganados. The choice is yours. Can you survive the Mad Chainsaw Mode?

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