How to Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has many challenges to complete every week if you want to get every possible Grand Star. One of the more difficult challenges is the one where you need to take out 3 pipes.

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This challenge does not give any additional information which is what makes it sort of challenging. You need to know which courses actually have pipes, and know that you can destroy the pipes with certain items. This one strategy will easily get that challenge completed in no time.

How to Take Out 3 Pipes in Mario Kart Tour

Here’s what I did to beat this challenge. The first thing to do is go to Peach Cup and choose Mario Circuit. Any variation of Mario Circuit will do. The reason we choose this course is because it’s the one with the most pipes on the roads.

I picked Bowser for my driver and the Bullet Bill kart with a random glider. At the start of the race, I made sure I was in last place for the entire first lap. Near the end before the finish line you will see Item Boxes, which you will get and hope for a Bullet Bill or a Bowser Shell. You’ll see a pipe in the middle of the road after a jump. Use your item while aiming at the pipe to destroy it.

Complete the steps above three times, which may require redoing the course three different times. After that, you will have your challenge completed. If you mess up and miss the pipe you can always tap the options on the top right and just quit the race, which is faster than playing it out.

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