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How to Switch Account in Farlight 84?

Those hoping to simply change account are unfortunately out of luck
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While the peak of battle royale games has subsided for the most part, developers are still trying to take a crack at the once gargantuan genre. And with Farlight 84, it seems that developers over at Farlight Games have struck a good note with the BR community.

The PC/Mobile game is currently sitting at 84% positive rating on Steam, and over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. The game is cross-progression, however, players seem to have run into some issues when attempting to play on different platforms. So let’s drop in and answer the question: how to switch accounts in Farlight 84?

How to Change Accounts in Farlight 84?

How to Change Accounts in Farlight 84 options
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The game is available right now on PC, IOS, and Android devices. This means that if you start playing on your phone and want to carry your progress over to your computer, it should be possible. As mentioned before however, players have been experiencing some problems when attempting this method.

Specifically, players who install the game on a PC and attempt to log in will have the option of continuing with their Steam account or connecting the game to their Email, Facebook, or Google account.

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If you’ve already gone ahead and connected your Steam account to Farlight, there is no chance to change your account on PC. However, solving this issue with your mobile device can be quite simple. Head on over to Farlight 84 on your phone, click your profile, and then select account. From here, you can link any of your accounts we mentioned previously plus your TikTok and Steam account (if it’s not already linked to your Farlight account). Sign into your respective account, and then click on the account you’re currently logged into and a new pop-up will appear. You’ll be able to choose the proper platform you want to switch to, and upon swapping will have any content, skins, and characters you’ve unlocked on that account.

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