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How to Survive Rainbow Friends Chapter 1

Here is how to escape the horrors and survive in Rainbow friends
Rainbow friends title cards
Screenshot by GJ / Fragment Games

Rainbow Friends, by Fragment Games, is a horror Roblox game that sees you hunting for different items after you’ve been kidnapped by a mysterious figure and dumped into a strange and derelict children’s entertainment facility. Here is your guide on surviving the nights and escaping.

Surviving Night One in Rainbow Friends

Night one will see all of you needing to collect the 24 blocks that were scattered across the map. The only enemy in this night is Blue – a large blue monster that will chase you. You can easily outrun him or hide in your box when you hear him coming. Don’t worry – he will walk straight past you when you’re in the box so just don’t move if he starts meandering towards you.

Rainbow friends Blue
Screenshot by GJ / Fragment Games

This night is easy and lets you get to grips with the layout and all the rooms and avenues and floors. it would be wise to keep in find all the hideouts and rooms. Once you’ve found some blocks, return them straight away to the theatre, which can be found by following the blue arrows.

Note: If a player dies whilst carrying any important items, the items will return to where they were found, so check the same places consistently if any of your allies have been caught.

Once you have returned all 24 blocks, night 2 will commence shortly

Surviving Night Two in Rainbow Friends

Night two kicks the difficulty up by only a little bit, introducing Green, a blind large noodly character that wobbles around the map. Being blind, it will react to your sound so hiding in the box won’t help you! You must evade both Green and Blue whilst collecting the 15 food bags scattered around the map.

Rainbow friends Green
Screenshot by GJ / Fragment Games

This night is hardly more difficult than the first night, with less items and only a slightly more challenging roster of monsters. However, a lack of caution will get you caught and killed, so when entering rooms, don’t rush straight in but pause a second to react to any monsters that may be on the other end waiting for you.

When going around corners, zoom out first to try and peak around them to spot any potential monsters.

When all 15 food bags have been returned, night three will commence.

Surviving Night Three in Rainbow Friends

Night three kicks the intensity up by a lot. Not only does another monster, Orange, get introduced but the vents may now be populated by little monsters that will grab you if you enter their line of sight. You must collect 14 fuses whilst avoiding all the terrors that try to hunt you down.

The new monster, Orange, will only come out if its food supply runs out, which is something you can keep topping up to keep it out of the game. Locate Orange’s hideout and keep walking up to the food machine to keep Orange from running around the map.

If Orange is out of food, it will run a lap around the map, killing any players it finds. Orange’s path will be highlighted in an orange streak across the map. For your own safety, just box or hide whilst the orange lines are active and only come out when Orange has run past you or it the orange lines disappear.

So watch out for the vents and Orange, and you will have a very similar experience to night two.

Once all 14 fuses have been returned, the next night will commence.

Surviving Night Four in Rainbow Friends

This night takes even the villain by surprise as the lights go out. This night is identical to night three, except you only need to find 9 batteries to power the backup generator. However the twist is that the lights are out and that you will need to carry torches with you to see.

Rainbow friends batteries
Screenshot by GJ / Fragment Games

This may sound more challenging, but you can turn off dancy lighting, which pretty much makes the game fully visible again.

Once all 9 batteries have been returned, the final challenge will begin.

Escaping the Complex in Rainbow Friends

For this last night, you must escape, by picking up a slice of cake the villain has offered you by the exit.

To get to the exit, however, you must walk past a field of balloons that, if popped, will trigger Blue to run after you. You must sneak past the balloons and up the ramp, where you will find your cake. The door will open, letting you get to the next room, but not before triggering Blue.

Rainbow friends escaping
Screenshot by GJ / Fragment Games

After quickly running into the next room, you must move a set of playing blocks away using your bodies to free the ramp that is being suspended by them. Once the ramp falls, Blue will break through the door and you must run up the ramp and into the vents.

This part is simple – you must dash through the vents and escape Blue. Once you finally leave the vent system and run into the open air an duck under the gate, all you must do is wait for Blue to get trapped by the vents, securing your escape. Well done!

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