How to Summon Demons in Cult of the Lamb, and Best Demons to Summon

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Cult of the Lamb Demons
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In Cult of the Lamb, crusades can be tough. If you’re at your wits end and need some help, might I consider … summoning demons? I know, I know — but hear me out.

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In the second tier of Divine Inspiration upgrades, there is a building called the Demonic Summoning Circle. Its official description reads: “Possess a follower with the spirit of a demon so that they can join you on your next crusade.” I was, admittedly, a little skeptical about this — what happens if they die while on a crusade? It wasn’t entirely clear how this would manifest, but I still opted to give it a try.

I am very glad that I did. In Cult of the Lamb, sometimes, the difference between life and death is having the right demonic entity watching your back. What’s more, you can upgrade the Demonic Summing Circle to let you summon two, and then three demons at a time, which increases your proficiency in a crusade.

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How to Summon Demons in Cult of the Lamb

Unlike in a horror movie, summoning demons in Cult of the Lamb is not the worst mistake you’ll make. In fact, there are massive benefits to doing so that extend into the roguelike gameplay elements.

As soon as you’ve built the Demonic Summoning Circle, you can walk over to it and press the key/button to activate it. You’ll see a list of viable demonic candidates, as well as their category and the effect they have in battle. It appears that some demons help with ranged attacks, some with melee attacks, and then there are some who assist with Fervour. But, that’s not all! There are some demons who specialize in providing spare hearts, some that work primarily with explosions, and then others that offer spirit hearts.

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It’s important to note that the higher a follower’s level is, the more an impact they’ll have as a demon. So, ensure that you’re spending time with your followers! You don’t know when they’ll come in handy!

Best Demons to Summon

But, what are the best demons to summon? It’s a question easier asked than answered. Because no two players will have the exact same names for their followers, the best I can do is explain my preferred types. I currently have up to a level two Demonic Summoning Circle, and I always recruit a follower who has the melee attack type, as well as one who specializes in ranged attacks. Since I am a tank, this allows me to get up close and personal with the mobs while also ensuring that, when I need to take a breather, I can still inflict damage. But, don’t take my word for it! Jump into Cult of the Lamb and find your favorites!!

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