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How to Solve Village Chief’s Manor Padlock Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Anyone else miss the simple Labyrinth Puzzles from RE: Village?
Image via Capcom

Resident Evil 4 Remake reintroduces players to Capcom’s recurring element in the Survival Horror franchise, the Puzzles. These appear in many forms but unlike choosing the Puzzle difficulty setting in Silent Hill, players will face the same as each other, through the unlocking of doors with complex locking systems, just like Resident Evil 2, to the rearrangement of the subjects position, similar to Resident Evil 7. Overall, the Puzzles in the franchise are much simpler due to the lesser steps a player has to go through in order to unlock something to either progress through the game and obtain a key item or to get a new Weapon like the Painting Puzzle in RE: Village DLC. But having back-to-back Puzzles can feel a bit daunting. For that reason, this guide will show you how to solve the Chief’s Manor Padlock Puzzle.

How to Unlock the Chief’s Manor Padlock

Resident Evil is known for its Puzzles, being a little brain-teaser in your intervals before heading back out into the terrifying world of Valdelobos. Inside the Chief’s Manor however, players will engage in back-to-back Puzzles. The first being the unlocking of the Manor Padlock. The Illuminados, the Religion in which the Ganados and Cultists follow, describe a tale of the Master’s people offering him their most precious goods for him to have as a sign of respect and dedication to the cause. The passage reads:

“The old farmer, his finest crops.

The slight swineherd, his stoutest pig.

The beggarly grandam, her own beloved babe.”

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From this crucial Puzzle information, players can go ahead and input this sequence of present-giving on the Cabinet Padlock on the ground floor of the Manor. These words need to be translated into their corresponding images, in the order of – Crop, Pig and Baby. The solution should look exactly like the screenshot below. Once opened, take the Crystal Marble from inside the Cabinet.

Chief's Manor Padlock Solution
Image via Capcom

How to Solve the Crystal Marble Door Puzzle

With the Crystal Marble in hand, head back up the stairs of the Manor and interact with the door at the end of the corridor. It has the classic Illuminatos Las Plagas Insignia encased in the door. You need to place the Crystal Marble inside and then rotate it so that it matches the exact shape and silhouette of the Las Plagas icon. You want to rotate the air bubbles until they all connect, forming one flowing structure. This can only be manipulated by rotating the Marble at all angles, do not restrict yourself to clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations.

Image via Capcom

Once it looks similar to the screenshot above, you can now rotate using the right trigger to line up with the indentation behind the Marble. This should look exactly like the screenshot below.

Image via Capcom

That was our complete guide on how to unlock the Chief’s Manor Padlock and how to solve the Crystal Marble Door Puzzle in Resident Evil 4. Feel free to take a look at our other Resident Evil guides if you are looking for more answers to help you in your journey. Thank you for reading this guide!

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