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How to Solve the Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Complex Puzzle

Learn the solution to this complex puzzle.

Those of you who have started playing Vampire The Masquerade Swansong will have noticed that the game heavily relies on exploring levels and solving puzzles. The puzzles in this game can be simple as long as you pay attention but some are just insanely difficult to the point of frustration.

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To help you avoid spending two hours of your playthrough on a puzzle, here’s how to solve the Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Complex puzzle, the game’s toughest puzzle.

Where to Find the Oedipus Complex Puzzle

The Oedipus Complex puzzle is featured during the mission where Leysha visit’s The Red Room owned by Richard. Finding Richard is this mission’s goal and solving this puzzle should only be done once you’ve explored the rest of the level. Once you solve it, it will take you to an area where a cutscene will begin preventing you from doing any more exploring. Vampire The Masquerade Swansong features many areas like this. Make sure this puzzle is the very last thing you do in the level. You’ll find it in the basement.

Once you start the mission, you’ll have a conversation with Berel Underwood. When you’re done, make a right, and head to the bar with red lighting.

Leysha Red Room
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Keep going straight and you’ll come to another bar with blue lighting. On the right of the bar, you’ll see a pair of doors.

Go through them and take the elevator down to the basement. Look to the right of the body bags outside the elevator and go through the white doors. Head down to the door at the end of the hallway and you’ll be in the office with the Oedipus Complex puzzle.

Leysha Red Room
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How to Solve the Oedipus Complex Puzzle in Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

Now that you’ve made it to the puzzle. Here are the exact steps you need to perform to solve the difficult challenge.

  1. Walk up to the bookshelf with the 5 book volumes and pull them in this order: 5, 3, 4. Doing this will move the bookshelf and reveal a music box with swan figurines.
  2. You’ll need to turn these in certain directions (See image below).
  3. The first swan should be turned horizontal with its head facing left.
  4. The second swan should be diagonal with its head facing forward left.
  5. The third swan should be frontward facing.
  6. The last swan should be diagonal with its head facing forward right.
  7. That completes the puzzle.
Oedipus Complex Puzzle
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As mentioned before, solving this will open a passage. Choosing to go through the passage will take you to a security room which will then trigger a cutscene where vampire hunters invade the Red Room. By following this guide you’ve saved yourself the trouble of trying to understand the Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Oedipus Complex puzzle. Just be glad the other puzzles aren’t as annoying and difficult.

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