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How to Solve the Tidal Organ Puzzle in Call of the Sea

Too many notes to keep track of!
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Call of the Sea is an idyllic looking adventure/exploration game that hides some of the trickiest, most finicky puzzles known to man. As early as Chapter 3 in this case! Requiring deep exploration and problem solving skills needed to see the game through, the solutions to the tidal organ puzzle is unexpectedly challenging. Here’s how to confront it.

How to Solve the Tidal Organ Puzzle in Call of the Sea

After turning on the lights in the camp, heading towards the tidal organ is your next port of call. Do this by taking the long path that is lit up by the camp lights. You should be able to closely hug the wall here until you come to a wide space where the tide is visible. Head straight up the makeshift ramp from this opening. Take a left when this direction is possible, and a line commenting on the ornate structure should play to indicate that you are going the correct way. Take an immediate right upon getting to the new area, where you can descend downstairs.

This will be the first key to solving the puzzle upon hitting the end of this edge, so make note of the symbols that indicates the height of the tide. Head back into the campsite now and keep going through it until you hit another staircase where a waterfall is. Take a left on the soonest deviation point and head all the way up until you get close enough to trigger more dialogue upon interacting with a moral.

Come back down to ground floor level and take a right into another tent. You want to interact with the projector here. Mark down the symbols that line up with the symbols that indicated the height of the tide from earlier. To the right is a desk with a toylike piano and a box besides it. Open up the box first for the symbol sheet to the piano keys. Press the piano keys that correspond to each symbol to process three key three-digit frequency numbers. The resulting numbers should be as follows:

  • 262
  • 349
  • 415

Before leaving the area, interact with all points of interest to fill up your journal with information you will need for the tidal organ puzzle.

Head back to the open area where the titular tidal organ puzzle is. With the tide levels and frequency numbers now in mind (and jotted down in the journal) interact with all the symbols that adorn the walls around this area. Have these now correspond to one another, meaning that there should only be three symbols open, and the four others shut.

The correct result should be when going into the area:

  • Symbol on the right side of the wall is pressed up
  • Symbol on the left side is pressed up
  • Symbol on the far left side is pressed down
  • Symbol on the bottom left side is pressed down
  • Symbol on the right side is left pressed down
  • Symbol on the far right side is pressed down
  • Symbol on the bottom right side is pressed up

From the information in the log once more, interact with the central panel as the last section of the puzzle. Take note of these two key pieces of information:

  • Date listed – November 7
  • The astronomical event – Eclipse

That was our guide on how to solve the tidal organ puzzle in Call of the Sea. Be sure to check out similar guides of ours for any further assistance with the most tricky of puzzles in any given game, such as our extensive breakdown article on How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation. Happy gaming!

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